We Interviewed Lanier Burton

We had the pleasure of interviewing Lanier Burton the From Scratch Comics CEO.

1. How long have you been writing comics? What inspires you work?

It’s been 3 years now since I began writing , storyboarding and overseeing my comics. As for what inspires me it would have to be my overactive imagination lol. Ever since I was a child I’ve told stories whether it was when I played with my toys, or recreated things I saw on tv , the impulse to create a story was ever present in me! Let alone movies , comics , music , video games that inspire me

2. Can you tell us about Lil Weapon?

Lil Weapon is my 20th Selfpublished comics it’s my lil baby ! I’ve always wanted to tell a war story and I thought up the concept fairly quickly. The art style I wanted to pay homage to Osamu Tezuka , the creator of Astro Boy , a true legend ! The cast of Lil Weapon is one of my absolute favorites Lt. Mason in particular stands out ! Fun fact Scout & her brother Benny are inspired by my real life relationship with my lil sister Lanaye ! If your reading this Nay I love you and I’m proud of you ! Lil Weapon is a unique series one that will continue to grow

3. You and your team have created MANY comics throughout the years, how have you avoided burnout/writer’s block?

Ironically What burns me out is doing the ole 9 to 5 , but these works give me life , they give me purpose , when I’m writing several stories at a time , doing storyboards , planning art events like the one I just completed April 9th… that restores me from the day to day grind. By putting myself fully into my work I don’t feel the pressure! In fact I love doing more & more !

4. What can people expect from your work?

Something unique , something strange , unpredictability is what you can expect from my various works. That and my seal of approval , and a genuine effort to experiment with different artists at the helm. Ones people wouldn’t necessarily choose or pick , I get those ppl !

5. Do you have a favorite comic you’ve created?

It hasn’t released yet , but I am however most fond of my True Science Fiction series! I can’t seem to stop writing new stories in that universe.

6. Plans/Goals for this year?

The biggest goal I had was to endure my local pop up event “ Art All Forms “ was a success and we did just that! I dropped out of the biggest comic con in my city just to do it and the risk paid off ! It’s the proudest moment of my career and you all can see it on my YouTube page and my website ! What an event ! Gathering all those creative minds into one space … I’m still shocked ! Not to mention all the remaining comic releases to come this year ! And a special project

7. Where and how can people support your work?

http://Coolesdolo.com is your one stop shop for everything From Scratch Comics / Lanier Burton ! I just wanted to add thank you so much for featuring not only myself but others in this medium !

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