All Ages of Geek Illustrator Rhys Waters!

We Interviewed Illustrator Rhys Waters!

We had the pleasure of chatting with Rhys Waters all about their work! Be sure to check out the website down below to learn more!

What makes you create? What drives you?

Absolute freedom, I’m driven by ideas, whimsy and you never know when it may strike so it’s always great to have a pencil at the ready. I love to create worlds abundant in vibrance and cuteness. I get inspired whenever I walk in the woods, you see little mushrooms huddled under an oak and can’t help but wonder just for a second what would they be like if they could get up and move about. Truly the thing that drives me most is visual storytelling, having the opportunity to explain what my words can’t.

How did you get started in your craft?

I was introduced to the world of illustration through Arts Uni Bournemouth, there I met lovely people with broad and flexible styles that I relished in. It was there I was encouraged to make a children’s book and I haven’t looked back since.

What’s your favorite part about your craft?

The process, starting from scratch with a whole new idea. I love adventuring into my imagination and solving creative problems, every project I get is the perfect workout for my brain.

Some struggles along the way?

It can be easy to get jaded if there isn’t a lot of work coming your way but In those moments that’s the perfect time to work on your own projects contributing to your ever-growing portfolio. On the opposite end of the scale if you have too much work it can lead to burn out which is never fun. I have found scheduling my hours of work and having time away from the desk helps prevent this more often than not.

What would you change about your industry?

That’s a very good question and hard to answer as I have completely enjoyed the experience so far. If I had to pick one I would say as it’s more freelance based so you do miss out on a more social side of work. If there were art hubs where illustrators would go to work together during the day I would be there in a heartbeat.

Your inspirations and favorite creators?

All the greats past and present such as Beatrix Potter, Quintin Blake, and E. H. Shepard as well as the contemporary works of Lorena Alvarez, Chris Chatterton or Pascal Campion. I get inspired by nature a lot as well as things that are cozy like pumpkins and mugs. The best thing about being an artist is absorbing as much visual stock as you can and making something new.

Any rituals when you create things like drinking tea or breathing exercises?

I am quite prone to moving about, I like to switch up my chair poses so that my spine doesn’t collapse into a heap of bones. I Love an ambient autumn playlist especially if it’s the violin, it gives me clarity as I work away.

What makes your art stand out from the crowd?

The eyes, I have a strong focus on big eyes as well as colour, I am very fond of using bold harmonious pallets. my shape language is rounded which adds to the overall appeal of my work.

Your favorite piece of work from your portfolio?

I really enjoy looking at one piece in particular which was a bug’s birthday. Trying to figure out how to create a small birthday in a garden for bugs was an absolute joy. I must say though like most artists, I am usually very critical of my work but for some unknown reason, that one is very special to me.

Any tips to give about your craft for beginners?

I do, Have fun. In illustration there are no mistakes, all styles and abilities are welcome. Find your voice, draw what you love, and if you put that work on your portfolio you are more likely to attract jobs to the things you like. Chris Chatterton has a wonderful book called “how to be a children’s book illustrator” which really helped me start my journey. One of the best things you can do is follow through on a project you set yourself, you learn a lot from a finished project rather than an unfinished one.

What do you think about All Ages of Geek? Who do you think we should interview next? Any creators you want to give a special shout out to?

I am new to All Ages of Geek but am already enamored by the community you are building as well as the wonderful topics you delve into. No doubt I will be drawing away at work as I listen to you both on your podcast. I highly recommend Rachel Smythe the creator of Lore, her work is incredible plus I know loads of people who would love an insight into her creative process.

Where can people find your work online?

I am mainly on Twitter but can also be found via Lemonade agency’s website or my website I am hoping to start on tik tok in the future but for now, I am content and love the community on Twitter.

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