We Interviewed Artist Ella O.D.D.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Ella O.D.D. all about their work!

1. What inspires your work?

n all honesty, my mind just never stops moving on ideas. There’s so much that people don’t see behind my art and characters. I feel the drive to keep pushing out everything in my mind just to be able to share it. I take in the colours of the sky, or I see a dress and an entire world springs to life in my mind

2. What are your goals as an artist?

My biggest goal is to have people paying attention to me for what I truly want to create. The easiest way to get attention as an artist is generally fanart. However, I want people fully invested in the characters I create. I’d love to have a little shop some day, but honestly I just want people to take an interest in me

3. What advice would you give to new artists?

The advice I think everyone needs to hear is to not be afraid; there will always be a bigger fish. So many artists are judgemental and it can get disheartening when children are doing better than you. However, if everybody stopped doing something just because someone else was already doing it, there wouldn’t exactly be much going on in the world.

4. What does your creative process look like?

I have adhd, so my mind is never quiet. Often, character concepts come to me as I’m trying to do something else. While I love sleep, I can’t argue with the ideas that come into my head. I then just draw, whether it’s good or bad I love to get a sketch of the character out as their story forms in my head. Sometimes it takes me days or weeks of trying to draw someone before I realize what they’re missing.

5. Goals for 2023?

For 2023, I’d like to graduate. I’ve struggled a lot with grief, anxiety, and depression. Things have been kind of horrible for me overall and have only recently started to look up. Now that I have the energy, I’d like to be selling more digital and traditional art. If all goes well, I’ll get into art university too.

6. Where and how can people support your work?

I’m sort of new to Twitter, so most of my art can be found on Instagram! All my social media will use

@odd_designz. I have a website, http://odddesignz.com being set up, but there isn’t much to look at right now. I would be very thankful if someone was interested in commissioning me, but just spreading the word is wonderful!

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