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We Interviewed Ali Raza Malik Our Digital Marketer!

We interviewed our digital marketer all about what he does with All Ages of Geek!

What is your job at All Ages of Geek?

 I am a digital marketer and my job is to plan and overlook all the marketing strategies that take place online and to make sure that every marketing campaign is run smoothly throughout. I report the performance of the digital marketing campaigns that occur. I am an SEO specialist as well which means that my job includes optimizing in order to ensure a good user experience and generate an encouraging audience. 

What would you tell someone who is interested in the work you do? 

Have a strong research background on your field and make sure that your communicating skills are up to the mark. This field is one that has a high scope in future. It might use some of your patience, but if you are determined to succeed and use all of your creative juices, then this field is definitely for you!

What are your plans and goals for 2021?

I already have a team of graphic designers, video editors, video animators, content writers and voice over artists. For the future, I plan on having a software house of my own in which I will be recruiting a full in-house team.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I am able to use my creativity and the business side of my skills both at the same time! It allows me come up with strategies that involve my creativity and thinking. Most importantly, I am in a field in which I am fully interested it, I know my work and am able to give my 100% every time

What are some benefits from working online?

My favorite question of them all! I am able to have a very flexible schedule, an environment that is according to my comfort levels and no distractions. I am always able to have the perfect work-life balance which allows me to do the work I love the most doing along with having the time to do my daily activities too.

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