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We Interviewed an Elden Ring Player!

We interviewed @SaintMartyrn all about their thoughts about Elden Ring!

1) Is Elden Ring your first FromSoftware game? What is your experience with Souls-like games?

Elden ring is my second fromsoft game, my first being Sekiro. What I think stands out with souls like games is that the game doesn’t make you feel like you’re missing out if you don’t do everything. A lot of games mark every quest and point of interest on a map which can make the game feel more like a grind than an exploration of a new world.

2) How do you like the Elden Ring community?

I think the Elden Ring community is a pretty cool group. There’s definitely some elitism here and there but it’s overshadowed by all the people giving tips and sharing the things they discovered in the game. It feels like you’re all completing a puzzle together.

3) Do you enjoy the character creation in Elden Ring?

I think the character creation is decent. There are a lot of sliders, but I think more hair styles/textures and presents of different ethnicities would be a great addition in the future and hep people fee more immersed in the game.

4) How many hours have you played Elden Ring?

So far I have clocked 70.6 hours on steam.

5) Why did you join the Elden Ring Community on Twitter?

I created and joined the Elden ring community on Twitter because I saw post about the game with tens and thousands of interactions, so I figured making an official community would be a good way for people to connect with others playing the game and talk about it with each other.

6) Any tips for new Elden Ring players?

6. Dying is a part of the the process so don’t be afraid of that. If you ever feel like you just can’t beat certain enemy, go somewhere easier and come back when you free ready.

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