Virus Invaders Review

What happens when a pesky turbo virus invades the world? Mayhem strikes inner space in Virus Invaders Turbo and three syringes need your help! With simplistic designs and super easy gameplay, kids and adults will love striking down these very expressive viruses. Available on both the App Store and Google Play Virus Invaders Turbo makes it easy for everyone to play together!

About Virus Invaders

Can you save the world from the pesky turbo viruses ?

The world has been invaded by the viruses from inner space. Your help is needed. Three syringes are at your disposal to save the world. There are three levels available. New levels will be added soon. Play the game occasionally to reach new levels.

The most appealing part of this game is not just the easy gameplay and accessibility, but the adorable designs of the characters. Games that have memorable characters with popping colors make the game even more memorable than games without them. This makes a game stand out from the competition and also makes it one hundred times more fun!

As a Shoot ‘Em Up game fans of arcade hits such as Asteroids and Galaxian will love Virus Invaders Turbo. Similar gameplay, original simplicity and just overall a game to play when sitting in a waiting room at the doctor’s office. Play Virus Invaders Turbo today, save the world and show everyone your turbo ways of healing and gaming!

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