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Music is a necessity to us all, and without it we would be nothing more than grey dead individuals. Through the years and centuries music has changed and evolved, from classical to rock. And this has created some of the most influential bands and songs ever to grace this planet. But sometimes there are bands that have never really gotten the recognition they deserve, and this is a list devoted to them. So here it is the best most underrated bands ever.

5: King Crimson. This band has had a long history and a lot of bands members. They have constantly evolved and changed their style and are still going strong, and that’s their appeal in my opinion. Their most famous song “the court of the crimson king” is a fantasy epic all put into one song, and it’s magnificent, check them out trust me

4: Joy division. Ok this band is fairly well known, but it’s no where near mentioned enough. This band is most famous for its post punk goth sound and it’s tragic singer Ian Curtis, who hung himself on 18 may 1980 days before their first tour, which didn’t eventually happen. Ian Curtis’s sad voice and beautiful lyrics are a sight to behold for the ears. Joy division had one of the greatest tragic losses of any band in history. If you are depressed don’t bottle it in, there will be phone numbers at the bottom of the article.

3: Kraftwerk. This German synth band was one of the first to use synth to create electronic pop and is arguably the first to do so. Their most famous song “the model” is an corner stone of electronic pop.

2: Brian eno. I know I know, this technically isn’t a band but one person. But I had to add him because his music is unlike anything I have ever heard. His music i a combination of orchestral mixed with the heavenly feelings.

1: Sparks. Right here we have it the Final number. Sparks is a band fronted by the enigmatic larger than life sparks brothers, Russell and Ron Mael. There is a brilliant documentary called “the sparks brothers” on Netflix if you want to find out more. Here I am going to be different, instead of showing one song, I am going to show multiple sparks song and music videos, because one wouldn’t be enough. I suggest you check them out, they are still going to strong now today ever since the 1970s.

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