My Top Three RWBY Reviewers/Reactors

With Volume 8 on the horizon, I thought I would list three of my favorite RWBY reacters/reviewers. Now, I honestly do not watch many reactors or reviewers. But these three are ones that I try to not miss a single video from. In no particular order, here they are. If you find any your interested in, go ahead and watch them!

1.) The Judgmental Critter

The Judgmental Critter is one of my favorites and she isn’t talked about much. Her styles of videos for RWBY are reviews. She points out what she didn’t like and what she does like, while still remaining a fan of the show. She shows that you can critique a show, but yet remain a fan. She has also covered fan-made RWBY works like the SLVR Trailers. She seems to, at least to me, go into everything unbiased as possible. If she doesn’t like a character, she’ll admit it. Also for the beginning of Volume 7 and now Volume 8, she made bingo cards of what she wants to see happen. I honestly thing that is a great concept. Her videos are perfect to listen to while you do something else like work or even go for walk.

2.) MurderofBirds

If you have been part of the RWBY community for awhile, you are not surprised to see him on this list. MurderofBirds, otherwise known as Arnold, does reactions to RWBY and personally, I find them entraining. Some say that his reactions are too over the top, but I don’t think so. MurderofBirds gets invested into every single scene, character, and fight which is wonderful to see play out. His investments into characters has led to some great moments. By great moments I mean the second half of Volume 3. Jokes aside for me, his reactions are perfect for getting comfy, grabbing a snack, and just watching thinking about what was going through your mind during those scenes.

3.) ThatKaitoDan

ThatKaitoDan reactions are like having a friend watching the show. Their reactions feel completely genuine. I can’t think about anything else to say. His videos feels genuine, which I feel is rare in this day and age.

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