The Most Unprofessional Puppet in the World – Marty D, 30 Million Views and an Instant Internet Hit

Marty D, a puppet who just wants to enjoy a bowl of cereal, has one problem. Objects keep hitting him wherever he goes. But just like his bowl of cereal, Marty D from Unprofessional Puppets, broke the internet. With a viral hit of 25 million views on TikTok and another epic 30 million views on Instagram, this little puppet is sure to steal your heart. Just make sure you have bowls of cereal to spare! 

It is not common to gain 25 million views on one short video. However, Marty D is not just one ordinary puppet. His comedy, reactions, and well…flying objects hitting him in the face is what makes him stand out from the rest of the puppets on TikTok. With pain comes success. And Marty D certainly found success through all the bottles, soccer balls, garbage cans, and more obstacles.

Despite the name of Unprofessional Puppets, Marty D is on the rise to internet stardom. With a fully accessible website, sporting reviews from even Marty’s Dad, there’s a story to tell in every TikTok post and Instagram Story. The unique approach to short-form videos has been present in Internet Culture for a few years now, but the use of puppets is a rare endeavor. 

Marty D not only posts his crazy content on TikTok, but you can catch him LIVE on Instagram every Wednesday for his Lunch Live special! At 12 to 12:30 PM EST you can chat with your favorite puppet…but watch out for those flying objects. That’s not all! Streams will soon be coming to Twitch for the weekends! 

You can find more about Unprofessional Puppets on their official website page! On the website, you can find links to their social pages, live stream schedules, contact info, and their latest contests and giveaways! 

For more information check out their website:

[email protected]

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