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We Interviewed the Creator of “Tales of Frah’Akin”

We had the pleasure of chatting with the creator of Tales of Frah’Akin an upcoming indie game that you should keep on your radar! Check it out to learn more!

1. Tell us about Tales of Frah’Akin. What inspired your work?

Tales of Frah’Akin is a story-based fantasy RPG, in the style of the old classics but with a modern touch, rich with cinematic cutscenes. It’s a passion project of mine.

Ever since I was a teenage girl I loved fantasy and RPGs. What greatly inspired me to make my own game was “Lord of The Rings” by J. R. R. Tolkien and games such as “Star Ocean” or “Final Fantasy IX”. I used to create characters and stories in my mind set in a fantasy world. Over time the stories turned more detailed and complex and became the base for my game.

2. What is it like being a solo game dev? Any advice to new devs?

It’s not easy being a single developer. Especially when one has a day job aside from game development. I’m a freelance digital artist and I work till late evenings. This means I have only a couple hours a day left for the development of my game. If you don’t have a budget for the game, you have to rely on your own skills. I make all of the art for my game, the coding and writing. It brings me much joy and satisfaction but also can be overwhelming for one person. Thankfully there are ways to support an indie game dev. Pages such as Patreon or Ko-Fi allow people to donate. And one can get funding for their game on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. For new developers I highly recommend joining a social media platform of their choice and building a community around the game.

3. Goals for your game?

The main goal is to finish and publish the game. Once the demo is done, I’d like to make a Kickstarter campaign and get funding for some of the game aspects I cannot do on my own, such as voice-acting, a port to Nintendo Switch and custom music. Of course it would mean the world to me if the game turned out to be a success. For now I’m just doing my best to make it happen.

4. Tell us about your art? What inspires your work?

My art is a mix of the anime style with some more realistic features. I’ve been inspired by a lot of artists and styles over the years. One of my biggest inspirations was the digital artist Yuumei. I’m also a huge fan of Studio Ghibli and their work. Their art is just so magical and beautiful! Old anime classics like “Sailor Moon” also inspired me on my art journey.

5. Thoughts on All Ages of Geek? Anything you think we should add to our website to help indie creators?

I think it’s great that you support indie creators! It can be very hard for small creators to get noticed these days. Each bit of help is greatly appreciated and makes a difference.

You’re doing a wonderful job already. One thing that comes to my mind is reviewing games or creator content while streaming? It seems to be popular these days.

6. What themes/lessons do you hope folks take away from your game?

I hope the players learn to appreciate the art of discovery a little bit more (especially self-discovery), remember to stay true to their hearts, and grow with each of the characters, as their stories unfold.

7. Where can folks support your work?

At this moment the best way to support the game development is to follow me on X: https://x.com/Aeghite Or to buy me a coffee at Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/aeghite

The Steam Page and Kickstarter are coming soon!

8. Biggest success story?

None so far. This is my first RPG project. Wish me luck!

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