Game Focus: Is Stallion Race Actually Fun?

Heyo, mobile game lovers and horse racing lovers! We got a new mobile game review for y’all today: Stallion Race created by mobile game developers Game Hollywood Hong Kong Limited, a subsidiary of Game Hollywood, Proficient City Lid. The most popular games Game Hollywood Hong Kong has previously published include Robot Tactics: Real Time Robots […]

Interview with Vtuber Homura Yami!

All Ages of Geek Vtuber Homura Yami

We interviewed Vtuber Homura Yami! 1. What Made you want to start Vtubing? So, The first-ever Vtuber That I Watched Was Kizuna Ai, She Inspired Me A Lot, I watched her since 2018, and I’m wondering, I was like “Can I be like her someday”, but back Then I don’t have any kind of set […]

Interview With Vtuber Prof. Case!

All Ages of Geek Vtuber Prof. Case!

Hello, I’m Case and I do things occasionally. Usually with sounds and pictures. I am a teacher VTuber who wants to spread interesting things he knows about the world, games, or whatever catches my interest next. Stop by my classes and enjoy watching sensei show why he shouldn’t be allowed the ability to work without […]

Vtuber Interview with Nym Li!

All Ages of Geek Nym Li

Today I got to interview a time-traveling Vtuber named Nym Li! Here is what they had to say: 1. What made you want to start Vtubing? It’s funny because the only reason I started streaming was because I wanted to show off my Animal Crossing Island and I honestly had no intention of taking it […]

Kasai’s VTuber Debut – All Ages of VTubing to Launch in 2021

Kasai joins the All Ages of Geek Crew as the first member of All Ages of VTubing, All Ages of Geek’s upcoming roster of VTuber talents. Kasai will be hosting weekly videos in the form of reactions, gameplay, and interactive content. In 2021 she will be streaming on the All Ages of Geek YouTube Channel […]