Batman: Three Jokers – Comic Review

DC Comics enters the world of Gotham City and twisted chaos as the clown prince of crime makes an impact on the Bat Family. The Joker makes his presence known through the streets as the body count rises. Incredible writer Geoff Johns tears into the emotional and psychological aspects of Bruce Wayne, Barbara Gordon and […]

The Green Hornet – Comic Review

Dynamite Entertainment unlocks a tale of action, crime-fighting, and suspense in the return of The Green Hornet. Scott Lobdell writes a whole new journey for the man dressed in green Britt Reid, The Green Hornet. In the ongoing series, witness the unforeseen situations Reid and martial arts expert Kato encounter.  In this tale they find […]

Nailbiter Returns – Comic Review

Image Comics returns to the town of Buckaroo, Oregon as the sense of bloodlust is not finished in Nailbiter Returns. A fated phone call brings back investigator Nicholas Finch to the notorious town of Buckaroo as a murder sparks the return of the Buckaroo Butchers, the greatest serial killers in U.S. history.  Follow the story […]

Ice Cream Man Review

Image From website: Enter a world of sweets and terror as the Ice Cream Man becomes the source of nightmares. Image Comics creates a new ongoing series that brings out multiple elements of storytelling and world-building.  W. Maxwell Prince writes a story full of twists as he focuses on an interdimensional being named Riccardus, […]