We Interviewed Icalis

by: MinaRose2023 Hello everyone here is MinaRose2023 with gamer Icalis on Twitch. He’s not new to games but he’s new to Twitch go check him out! So how are you today Icalis?         Not bad. Tired, but doing well I suppose. For how many years have you been gaming?        34 years. Started with an Atari (at […]

ItstheG.O Interviews DioStreams!

I became a new writer for All Ages of Geek and I started to wonder what type of content should I create for this brand? Being that I am a streamer, there are a handful of people who understand what my Twitch journey was like, but there are a lot of times where we don’t […]

An Interview with Nonagon Dice

We had the pleasure of interviewing Nonagon Dice all about their work! Be sure to check it out to learn more about what they have been working on. 1. How did you discover D&D? I’ve been roleplaying online since I was 11 (internet safety, who?). Eventually, I grew out of chat-based roleplaying, but I still […]

Interview with Streamer Demon of Empire

All Ages of Geek Demon

by: @tastauffer  As you are a gaming channel, what would you say your favorite game to capture and play for your audience has been? I wanna say…Mass Effect?? *Laughs* Just because its also one of my favorite games to binge play over and over again. What do you hope to play in the future? What […]

Interview with Streamer itsthego

by: @tastauffer  Streaming is one of the best ways to connect with people. As you largely stream gameplay, how have you connected with others during your playing? One of the biggest is being able to connect with new people from different areas in the world. When one of my friends hosted a Valorant tournament, I […]

BBKyle is a Streamer You Should Be Watching! Here’s Why!

We recently came across an amazing streamer you should totally add to your favorites! His name is BBKyle! If you love gaming streamers with a fun and exciting personality you will love jumping into his streams. Not only do they have an amazing and supportive community but you can also join in and play games […]

An Interview with Amber Abby, an Amazonian Vtuber

For those who may not know you, who is Amber Abby? Hello! I’m Amber Abby! A vtuber/variety streamer on Twitch. I was a bee but now I’m buff lol. What made you decide to take up Vtubing? Well I’ve been streaming on Twitch for 10 months, mostly fast paced FPS games. I finally had a […]

An Interview With Vtuber Takahata 101

All Ages of Geek Takahata

Vtubers are transforming online culture in a positive light. More and more people are now able to make videos on Youtube, stream on Twitch, and so on because they do not have to face the fear of being seen on camera. Not everyone has the ability to stream, however, Vtubing is making it easier for […]