An Interview with Amber Abby, an Amazonian Vtuber

For those who may not know you, who is Amber Abby?

Hello! I’m Amber Abby! A vtuber/variety streamer on Twitch. I was a bee but now I’m buff lol.

What made you decide to take up Vtubing?

Well I’ve been streaming on Twitch for 10 months, mostly fast paced FPS games. I finally had a debut of a 3D model. I have hands and its great! What got me into it? The pandemic lol. Honestly there seemed like there was a big boom/ rush when I started. I lost work and couldn’t see friends anymore. I was really lonely, and I saw vtubing a creative and engaging pastime. My background is the performing arts and vtubing seemed like this weird amalgamation of improve, character creation, streaming, and audience engagement.

Why did you decide on an Amazonian?

Why the Amazon design? It kinda just happened lol. I came up with the character design first, and then fit the story to it. I really enjoy physical activities and such. Being stuck inside led me to do a lot of working out at home, which I based my design on. Big and buff lol. Vtubers tend to have a core design/ aspect to them. So when thinking about it, I stuck with two ideas. Buff and bees. Why bees… I like bees lol. So with the design in mind, I tried to think of a story that would fit the character. I then remember about the Greek god Aristaeus, god of beekeeping. Then the idea of Amazons came to me. Slapped them together.

What is your favorite thing about Vtubing/Streaming?

Favorite thing? The social interactions. Talking with viewers, Making friends with other streamers. I love bringing streamers together for collab streams or working on group events. A fond memory of mind is helping my friend Hazel. She did a vtuber blind dating game and I got to help on it, so much fun!

What advice would you give people who want to be a Vtuber?

Advice? Just do it. The trouble is, steaming/ being a vtuber can have more costs associated with it vs just normally streaming. So I feel people often wait until they have everything perfect or have all their assets created first. Its an investment in your character so I understand wanting to do it right the first time. But I wanted to stream right away so I got drawing and streamed with a 2D image of myself for 10 months. Then just last Saturday I started using a 3D model. So by waiting for everything, you could lose out on chances to stream or make new friends, or just getting used to being a vtuber.

Amber Abby’s Twitch

Amber Abby’s Twitter

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