Kidlit Interview with Samantha Jo Phan | Galaxy-Boy Delivery

Samantha Jo Phan is an amazing artist who creates beautiful illustrations known for her cute and colorful style, which often features animals and other adorable creatures. She is a freelance illustrator who has worked for mobile games, entertainment, education and children’s projects. Samantha stopped by All Ages of Geek to chat with Galaxy-Boy Delivery all […]

KidLit Interview with Illustrator Steve Brown | Galaxy-Boy Delivery

“Galaxy-Boy Delivery” is back with another Kidlit Creator Interview now featuring the awesome illustrator Steve Brown. Using humor is big in Steve’s illustrations being inspired by cartoons from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s which he says has shown up in his animated style. Working with various publishers in the UK and US, while also being […]

We Interviewed illustrator TIHARA EZZO!

We had the pleasure of chatting with illustrator TIHARA EZZO all about their work! All Ages of Geek loves giving creators a platform to discuss their journey as a creative. Be sure to read the interview to learn more! What makes you create? What drives you? In recent years, my art has become an essential […]

We Interviewed Illustrator Rhys Waters!

All Ages of Geek Illustrator Rhys Waters!

We had the pleasure of chatting with Rhys Waters all about their work! Be sure to check out the website down below to learn more! What makes you create? What drives you? Absolute freedom, I’m driven by ideas, whimsy and you never know when it may strike so it’s always great to have a pencil […]

We interviewed Artist @Etheereall!

We interviewed artist @Etheereall all about their creative journey! 1. What or who inspired your art? Through the years I focused on many types of arts. I was in high school when I started taking drawing seriously, I got introduced to fine arts, and who mainly inspired me during that period were artists like Caravaggio […]

We Interviewed Illustrator @GrandYuric

We interviewed illustrator @GrandYuric 1. What made you want to be an illustrator? I wanted to make art ever since I’ve been in Kinderarten. When I was kid I didn’t really hang out with the others Instead preferring to draw. Back then I didn’t have the Urge to make Friends. From that point I really […]

An Interview with Artist @WandererKami

All Ages of Geek WandererKami

I had the honor of interviewing the amazing artist @WandererKami about their artistic journey! What inspired you to start making art? I think a lot of things all collect together in my memory, but I do have a really clear one of watching The Lion King 2 obsessively, pausing the VHS every two seconds, and […]

Interview with Artist @itskleine

All Ages of Geek Artist @itskleine

I was scrolling through Twitter one day and came across @itskleine art page and fell in love with their work. So I decided to reach out and interview them all about their art! 1. What inspired you to start making art? A lot of things inspired me to start making art like anime, manga, all […]

We Interviewed Illustrator Io Kay!

1. How long have you been doing art and what inspired you to start? I’ve been doodling since diapers, but I started teaching myself at 13. Around that time I discovered the Internet and fandom spaces, and all the wonderful artworks created for my favorite series prompted me to try getting better at art. 2. […]

We Interviewed Artist UsagiBaka!

1. How long have you been doing art? I’ve starting drawing when I was 4 years old and right now I just turned 20 last Feb 5 2. What is your favorite thing about being an artist? My favorite part of being an artist is actually interacting with other artists, especially those people who compliment […]