Werewolves Within Review – Tribeca Film Festival 2021

Ubisoft takes a chance in adapting one of their video game titles into a film with the horror-comedy Werewolves Within. The feature plays more like a whodunit with some horror elements that often feel like it took inspiration from the works of Jordan Peele as well as Agatha Christie with its tone. What you get out of all […]

My favorite comic with anxiety, romance and other gamer problems (Opinion)

WEBTOON’s Let’s Play speaks to me on another level. The main character Sam is like an incarnation of what goes on in my mind when she takes her insecurities. The author, Leeanne M. Krecic, known as Mongie, manifests all the characters’ emotions when the characters feel strongly about something like anxiety or depression. It personifies […]

What We Do in the Shadows Revitalizes the Undead

What We Do in the Shadows Revitalizes the Undead All Ages of Geek

It’s nightfall. What We Do in the Shadows, the show based on directors Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi’s film of the same name has taken the limelight from Twilight as the premier source for anyone’s vampire-based entertainment needs. The show could have gone under the radar as another dud in the oversaturated realm of horror-comedies, […]

Ice Cream Man Review

Image From website:  ReadComicOnline.to Enter a world of sweets and terror as the Ice Cream Man becomes the source of nightmares. Image Comics creates a new ongoing series that brings out multiple elements of storytelling and world-building.  W. Maxwell Prince writes a story full of twists as he focuses on an interdimensional being named Riccardus, […]