Stallion Race’s Innovative Partnership with Thirsk Racecourse Synchronizes Real and In-Game Events

The exciting equestrian racing and management game Stallion Race has launched its official partnership with Thirsk Racecourse alongside new rewards, features, and languages. The partnership is unique and innovative, syncing real-world races with in-game events.

Stallion Race’s Iconic Partnership with Thirsk Racecourse

Thirsk Racecourse is situated in the UK, the home of modern horseracing. The stunning racecourse is in the town of Thirsk in North Yorkshire. The town has been immortalized as “Darrowby” in the literary works of James Herriot, an author who at times worked on the very same course. This exciting two-year partnership will cover both the 2021 and 2022 seasons and is the ideal fit for Stallion Race due to Thirsk’s rich history and iconic setting.


The first of these seasons commenced in April and concludes this September. To honour the occasion, Stallion Race is launching unique in-game contests that will run simultaneously with seven real-life horseraces at the iconic racecourse. Competing in and winning these unique contests will result in exclusive Stallion Race rewards. 

In addition, Stallion Race players will be able to watch Video on Demand (VODs) of the Thirsk  Racecourse in action on Racing TV and Turf TV. A further rewards system will be implemented to reward players with in-game bonuses for every match they watch. 

The synchronization of these legendary real-life races and Stallion Race’s own epic in-game contests is a unique and innovative partnership that is bound to delight horseracing fans and gamers alike.

About Stallion Race

Stallion Race is a horseracing simulation and management game from GameHollywood that is playable on both browser and mobile. Players are charged with managing every aspect of their equestrian empire, including but not limited to breeding fine steeds, caring for them, preparing them for races, strategy, and racing itself. Players can even start their own horse-racing Clubs, assigning fellow-players to the board and socializing with other horseracing fans.


As breeder, jockey, trainer, manager, and Club-member, players have a lot to do if they are going to rise to the top of the horseracing world. Reaching that pinnacle is no easy feat, players must compete in a number of contests including World Championship, Ascension, Arena, League, Challenge Legend, Competition, Contest and Scramble. The ultimate glory, however, lies in Racing City where players jockey for the top spot in the esteemed League.

In addition, numerous side-games and minigames including betting, boardgames, and quizzes add a delightful distraction on top of the main events. When paired with Stallion Race’s innovative gene-fragment breeding system, players will never be short of something fun to do.


Game Details

Stallion Race is available now on Google Play and the App Store as well as Huawei’s App Gallery. Dedicated groups on Facebook and Discord provide the ideal place to discover more about the game and meet members of the passionate community. 

Stallion Race Team is soon adding additional languages (German, Portuguese, and Spanish) to ensure the title can be brought to a wider audience.

More information about the updates and the game can be found on Stallion Race’s official website where players can also download the mini client directly.

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