Spy × Family Episode 13 Review

Hey all MinaRose2023 here with SpyxFamily Episode 13 Review.

We all know of Spy x Family and how incredibly cute Anya is. In this episode Anya and the Forgers are on the look for a dog. Anya finds a dog than can see the future. She of course can read its mind. The dog is part of a bombing gang and the dog protects Anya since he saw the future of Anyas family being his family. Anya and Yor are looking at dogs at the adoptive fair when Anya goes to follow the dog that can see the future.

Yor as a good mom begins to worry of where Anya is. Anya and the dog run from the house where the bad guys are and Yor finds Anya and comes into the rescue to defend her daughter and make sure she’s not sold to marriage. Loide handler is trying to find the dogs with bombs but they aren’t successful. 

Over all a good start to the beginning of SpyxFamily second half of season 1. 

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