Space_Faces Review

These adorable pixelated NFTs are changing the way of the metaverse. But who are they? “Welcome to Space_Faces of the digital universe, a collection of 777 cute pixel planets with unique characters.” This collection is perfect for any space and astronomy lover! You will see amazing NFTs shaped as different planets, like planet earth, but with a twist! You may see earth wearing 3D glasses or even a cowboy hat, the possibilities are endless.

Collectors who are fans of video games like The Legend of Zelda for the NES will appreciate their designs. Pixelated artwork always gives the feeling of nostalgia in the viewer’s eyes and that is what Space_Faces is doing. They are truly incredible. Alongside their many accessories, you can find planets with different facial expressions! One may be happy while the other may look tired, making these NFTs unique. Collectors have multiple designs to choose from.

But where can you support them? Only on OpenSea. On their OpenSea you can view all of their current NFTs and future drops as well. For example check out this NFT: Space_Faces #30. This NFT looks like no other in this collection. That goes for all of their NFTs!  Space_Faces may be a new collection but it will be a big one. Act now. Support them today. Want to find your next adorable NFT? Be sure to support their OpenSea. You will not regret it!


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