Shiori Kawana and Fade-Away Bunny

All Ages of Geek loves doing coverage on Mangaka. From well known manga to the new and
upcoming we show love and support for all creatives in the field. Today we will be chatting all
about Shiori Kawana. In fact, our friends over at Trophee Manga NFT Marketplace introduced
her work to us. Today we will be talking all about her work, who she is and how you can help
support her.

But who is Shiori Kawana? She, of course, is a Mangaka and illustrator. She is known for her
work such as “Fade-Away Bunny” and “Egwin & Friends”. “Some trivia for you, Fade-Away
Bunny” was ranked #1 on LINE Indies manga! And now, Shiori Kawana’s work can also be seen
as LINE stickers and as NFT’s.

Her manga “Egwin & Friends” has many fun and loveable characters. Starring Egwin a purple
penguin who loves ramen and has a lazy personality. This story follows Egwin and his friends
just as the title states! Egwin is a forty year old penguin who loves to laze around home and
relax. However Egwin is presented with a problem when life gets in the way! He can’t be lazy
forever! Shiori Kawana’s art is perfect for young and veteran readers. Giving a lesson in each

In “Fade-Away Bunny” the reader follows Suutan, a young bunny who is challenged by her
mental health. She faces depression, insomnia, anxiety and much more throughout the story.
This manga is darker themed but touches on important topics. The art is similar to “Egwin &
Friends” giving the characters a unique kawaii style.

If you want to learn more about Shiori Kawana you can check her out on her LINE blog to see
some of her recent works! She is on Twitter so you can keep up with ALL of her upcoming
news. You can also catch “Fade-Away Bunny” as an NFT HERE! This NFT is of Suutan our
favorite character from “Fade-Away Bunny”.

Spread some love for your favorite Mangaka and let us know what your favorite manga is

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