RWBY Volume 8 Trailer Breakdown

Today (September 16th, 2020), the trailer for much anticipated Volume 8 of RWBY has been released and I am as excited as the next person for this. Personally, I found Volume 7 enjoyable. So, let’s take a look at, and break down, the Volume 8 trailer.

We open up with the Whale Grimm flying through a storm cloud. During this Ruby says quote, “Atlas is only Salem’s current target. She’s not hiding anymore and once she’s done here she’ll move on to the rest of Remnant. We need to warn them!” Now while she (Ruby) is talking, we see shots of Salem sitting on a throne (presumably inside the whale), Yang running down a road alone, then Jaune, Yang, Oscar, and Ren inside a building that appears to be abandoned. After Ruby is done talking, we see a shot of Yang, Oscar, Jaune, and Ren on Rhinos (the name of the hoverbikes) going somewhere we haven’t seen yet.

Then hear Ren say, “There are people here who need us right now.” and in response we hear Nora say, “But this isn’t about just Atlas. It’s about all of Remnant.” During Nora speaking, we see Ruby hug Penny. Then we hear Ironwood say, while being guarded the Ace-Ops, “You’re still worried about Mantle? Salem will destroy Atlas and with it, any hope humanity has left.” During Ironwood speaking we see Cinder, then it cuts to Salem carrying the Relic of Knowledge, finally Penny activating her Maiden powers.

After all of that, we see the RWBY Volume 8 logo (shown in the thumbnail), but that’s not all. We see Salem holding the Relic of Knowledge as shes says “I have questions for you, but first I need the one who can show me how.” as a Grimm sniffs it, seems like it is getting a scent from it. Then the trailer closes with the date November 7th.

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