RWBY Volume 8 Recap

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“First of all sorry for writing this so many months after rwby volume 8 is finished. Life has gotten in the way. But I’m glad to once again be a guest writer for All Ages of Geek and bring you my personal thoughts on the last two episodes of rwby volume 8. 


So first of all we know team RWBY Penny and Team JNPR and Emerald thought they had the advantage but because of Cinder getting Jinn’s last question those plans were bamboozled. 

Now what I specifically want to talk about is how when Neo tried to kill Ruby, Yang her older sister, threw herself I’m danger in order to protect Ruby. She’s done this on several other occasions like when she let an Ursa bite her to protect Ruby in the Volume 5 short. You see Yang is always going to be willing to throw herself in danger for another specifically Ruby or Blake. Not only because like Ruby said in volume 2 she can take a hit and it makes her stronger but because is who she is at her core self. I’m willing to bet if it hadn’t been for Jinn freezing everything at the end of volume 6 Yang would have thrown herself out of the plane to save Ruby she practically was!  And this honestly is just who Yang is. She will always put herself in danger first to save the ones she loves. 

Blake the poor thing ran extremely fast to try and save Yang by throwing Gambol to her to save her but Yang was knocked out since her Aura was hit. And while I know many say she’s been hurt worse it’s still not the same Neo cut her, thus slicing her Aura. Blake of course screamed because this is her new love interest falling to someplace they were not supposed to fall into. She touches her forehead in a form of loss. Which seems to be like her love language with Yang. Weiss of course tries to help support Blake as a friend and comrade and sister at heart.

Now is important to note Ruby only mentioned Yang’s name softly she couldn’t even process what happened.

Then later on Blake trying to save Ruby falls into the darkness and Weiss later falls to Winter being late to save her. The reason I’m mentioned Winter is because in volume 5 short Winter said to Weiss I won’t always be there to protect you and Yang in volume 5 short told Ruby I always got your back. Thus these two promises coming to fruition in the shows proper. 

So my whole point in writing these specific points of the last two episodes of rwby volume 8 is that all the characters have kinda been set in stone how they will be. Yang will always sacrifice herself to protect Ruby and Blake perhaps even Weiss down the road.   Weiss will always be a form of support and emotional support for the Bees cause look at volume 5 she did this for Yang. Winter I think once she sees Weiss again will speak differently and will be just sacrificial if not more for Weiss and her Family especially since Jacques no longer in the picture. Blake will always look up to Ruby and also put herself in danger to protect her not only because she admires her but I think a part of it for Yangs sake too. Ruby, I’m hoping finally faces all she’s been holding in because now with Penny’s second death that there’s no way she’s coming back something got to give. Team RWBY is defined a sisterhood regardless of Bumblebee being a thing because they all support and protect each other and I truly can’t wait to see where the story takes us! 

Till Later Geeks!”

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