RWBY Theory (Spoilers for Volume 8, Episode 1)

Volume 8 of RWBY has debuted and WOW what start! This episode, hopefully, sets the mood for the rest of the Volume. However, this one episode already has a theory in mind for me. So without further ado, here is my theory: Atlas (the Floating City) will fall, killing most of the people the Happy Huntresses and Team Save Mantle evacuated.

Bold claim, I know. But hear me out. We know Team RWBY and Team JNPR did some rearranging based on what they deem the most important: Warn Remnant of Salem, or save the citizens of Mantle. On Team Warn Remnant we have Ruby, Weiss, Nora, Blake, and Penny. On Team Save Mantle, we have Jaune, Ren, Yang, and Oscar. This theory has to do with Team Save Mantle.

Team Save Mantle is moving the citizens of Mantle to the crater under Atlas (the Flying City) to evacuate them and to keep them safe. This has well intentions, however, there is an issue. There is a city floating above them like the sword of Damocles. In case you don’t know, the sword of Damocles is a story from Cicero, a Roman philosopher. Long story short, the King’s jester, named Damocles, asked the king how he could be so stressed when he was so rich and was living such a luxurious life. Hearing this, the King decided to let Damocles live such a luxurious life. In the beginning, Damocles loved this. He had as much food and drinks as he wanted Then he decided to look up. Above him was a sword hanging by its hilt with a single horse hair supporting it. When Damocles noticed it, he tried to ignore it, but couldn’t. After a while, he excused himself saying he no longer wished to have such luxury.

I brought up this story because Atlas the city has only one thing separating it from crashing down on top of citizens that Team Save Mantle and the Happy Huntresses saved. Now, do I want them to lose? Of course not. We love it when the heroes win! However, this is simply a theory I thought of.

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