RWBY: A Theory on Penny

With Volume 8 released into the world, a lot of potential theories have come out of the woodwork. In fact I have made two recently. One I believe is possible and the other just a wild theory. This one walks the fine line separating the two, and involves the new Winter Maiden Penny Polendina.

Now, whether this works according to the villains’ plans or even this IS part of the villains’ plans, is up for debate. However, my theory is that Penny will get hacked. To be honest, ever since Penny came back and we learned about Watts’ afflation with Pietro, Penny’s father, it has been an idea. However what pushed it over the edge, at least for me, was the Volume 8 Intro. Not only is it a good song and great animation, but I think there is a bit of foreshadowing in it.

During the section of the intro where it does the ‘Never Happy Again?’ we see a close up of Penny, which turns from a blue eye and orange hair, to a red eye and red hair. Colors in RWBY are very important. There is proof of this as far back as the Red, White, Black, and Yellow trailers. Now, there are a few characters that involve the color red, however, what makes red special is that there is also something involved with it, the Black Queen Virus.

The Black Queen Virus, developed by Watts himself, crippled the Atlesian Military at the Fall of Beacon and made their Atlesian Knights and Paladins attack civilians as well as students. When it was shown on a Scroll by Torchwick as he plugged it into an Atleasian Airship, we see what it looks like, a black queen chess piece in front of a red background. When the Knights were hacked, their normally blue face was turned red.

Much like my theory of Atlas falling on the citizens that the Happy Huntresses and Team Help Mantle (Yang, Jaune, Ren, Oscar) save, I hope I am wrong. I like Penny, but there is still the possibility of it happening. How big of a possibility? Well, I’m sure Volume 8 will show us.

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