Rocksteady announces new “Suicide Squad” game

Batman: Arkham fans went ballistic when Rocksteady studios announced their new project on Twitter: Suicide Squad. Fans rejoiced for a new DC game from Rocksteady after a five year hiatus. No one knew what was going on behind the scenes, but we knew something big was coming.

The video game developer posted the announcement on Twitter but not in the way fans anticipated. Instead of seeing staple Suicide Squad members like Deadshot or Harley Quinn on the announcement poster, Rocksteady opted to go the extra mile and revealed the game’s poster with an image of the Suicide Squad’s target: Superman.

Y’all complained about Arkham Bosses being too easy…
Now, we suffer.

The mad lads. They’ve done it.

Fans have been anticipating some Superman content from Rocksteady for a while, after the planned Superman game was cancelled and easter eggs relating to the Last Son of Krypton were littered across Arkham Knight. Some fans, including yours truly, were disappointed that Rocksteady was developing a Suicide Squad game rather than a new Batman: Arkham game.

Many believed that due to the poor reception of the Suicide Squad live action film, any related media, including this one, would suffer a lack of interest and enthusiasm from the general audience. But the fact Superman seems to be this game’s big final boss raises some eyebrows and have put some doubts to rest.

At the very least, it puts a big, goofy smile on my face.

More information about the game is set to be announced on August 22nd at DC Fandome.

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