Quizl a Must Try Trivia Game

Looking for a new web app game to play during your time off? Check out Quizl! Quizl is a daily
trivia game where the player answers five daily questions. Inspired by popular game Wordle
with a twist, Quizl is perfect for anyone looking to expand their knowledge.

Quizl is great for fans of the popular show Jeopardy. Each day you are given five amazing
questions to answer. But each day they are different! For example: Which music medium,
meaning “instrumental ensemble”, is popular at sporting events and parades? You are then
given four different answers to pick through. Once you complete all questions you are given
your score! Players should shoot to receive a 5/5 every day!

When you first go to Quizl you are prompted with if you want to create your own personal
account. Not necessary but beneficial for those who like to track their personal stats. This is a
great way to stay updated with your score, benefit for upcoming features Quizl has in store such
as leaderboards, trophies, and additional game modes.

Quizl also has a Twitter and Facebook page. Fans of this web app can follow them to stay
updated on new features and news about Quizl! You can also post your scores and compete
with your friends and family! Will you be the quizl master? You have to play to find out!

Quizl is a great web app for teachers as well! If you have extra class time you can present these
five questions to your class and see how well rounded your students are. These five questions
allow players to expand their knowledge by researching more about each topic after they
complete the game. Be sure to check out Quizl today. You will not regret it!

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