Proctor Valley Road – Comic Book Review

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In the backdrop of 1970s Chula Vista, California a group of highschoolers find themselves in the clutches of supernatural forces. Boom Studios! brings a new tale of evil and mystery that lures its victims on the outskirts of town in Proctor Valley Road. 

The leading team behind this new series are writers Grant Morrison and Alex Child. Together these two creators develop a world that is believable in the coming of age scenario bringing focus to growing up in an era with rich culture and history. 

Our heroes are four girls August, Rylee, Jennie, and Cora. When the town is spooked by the disappearance of local teens it inspires a myth about the presence of a monster on the outskirts of Proctor Valley Road. 

In a means to collect money for the Janis Joplin concert the girls create a tour of horror for all who are seeking a thrill. But little did they know the myth was all too real for the body count rises, the disappearances grow, and an unprepared town is about to encounter beings from beyond this plain of existence.      

Naomi Franquiz projects an art style that favors bold lines with simplistic features. Everything on the page is easy to understand as to what is happening as the story unfolds. Cartoon emphasis is within the characters and backgrounds. Therefore, the reader becomes relaxed with the atmosphere until the monsters take hold of the story delivering a timely switch up that is most effective. 

Colorist behind the comic book is Tamra Bonvillain. Tamra uses solid colors each color pops for it highlights the characters and background whether it pertains to the clothes or environment. Vibrant colors of yellow, black, and orange are the most powerful across the page.

Boom Studios! Will continue to explore the town of Chula Vista in a time of Woodstock, Vietnam, and Flower Power. Follow August, Rylee, Jennie, and Cora as they explore the mystery behind Proctor Valley Road. This comic is for any one who favors mysteries, horror, and young adult stories.

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