Pride Art You Should Check Out!

In honor of pride month, All Ages of Geek decided to check out the hashtag #Prideart on twitter and feature some amazing artists!

This piece was done by @StarStruckArtsy on Twitter! You can visit her website HERE for more amazing art work!

ABOUT @StarStruckArtsy

Hey! I am Bianca! A digital artist and an illustrator. Art has always been something I have loved since I was a child. So when I found myself going back to it after I completed my degree, I knew this was it. So this is what I do for a living now. I create paintings, digital portraits, animation loops and a lot more. Yes, It’s a little overwhelming, being a full time artist. But I’d like to believe I’m getting there, one day and one artwork at a time. This is a link to my Instagram, you’ll find my art here. If my art brings you even a little joy and comfort, I’m already half way to fulfilling my dream ❤️

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This piece was done by @sherikookami on Twitter. Learn more about them HERE


Hi, my name is Eros! I’m a freelance artist and cosplayer on the side. I make animations and random art work usually on tick tock, Instagram, or YouTube. I have content exclusive to my patreon if you wish to become a member and support my content and you can alway still find a lotta amazing things,on my other social media’s if not. But I hope you have an amazing day either way!

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This piece was done by @ArtzyTea! Learn more HERE


Hey I am Artzy, I dream of being an illustrator for a children’s book. Love sweets, nerdy stuff, sports and dogs. Dogs are great.

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