We Interviewed the Creator of Pieces of Powder!

We had a great talk with the creator of “Pieces of Powder,” an art series that dives into mental health topics. This unique project uses animation to explore the complex world of mental health. The artist, an independent animator, shared their journey through the indie animation world, highlighting both the struggles and achievements they encountered while bringing this project to life. Be sure to support their amazing upcoming series. You can check out the trailer in this interview as well!

Can you tell us about Pieces of Powder?

Pieces of Powder is an independently produced animated series. We follow the story of Powder, a teenage girl who deals with a variety of insecurities and anxieties that significantly impact her relationships. When she meets Marcy, a dynamic force that unexpectedly complements her, Powder’s high school journey takes a drastic turn. As their bond deepens, Powder finds herself confronted with long-buried issues and struggles she has evaded for far too long, and goes on a journey to learn how to accept everything about herself, the good, and the bad.

Tell us more about producing an animated series independently? Struggles? Benefits?

Animating a series independently is some of the most fun I’ve had in awhile. But in no way is it easy. As someone who often over works themselves, it can quickly become mentally and physically straining. Besides that, I very much enjoy having 100% complete control over my project and how it turns out and it will most likely always continue to be that way!

What inspires your art style?

I watched a lot of cartoons growing up, so I always drew in a really simplistic style. Growing up, seeing shows like adventure time, I realized that this simplistic style is one I should embrace, rather than convince myself I need to do something “better”. The peanuts series was another one that had a huge influence on my art growing up. I wanted to use everything I’ve seen, and create an art style that’s familiar, but also in many ways unique.

Goals for this project?

My Goals for this project in terms of completion, is to finish the pilot episode I’m currently working on, and then from there I would like to crowdfund to be able to work on a full season, so I can continue to tell the story of Powder and Marcy, while continuing to live under good conditions.

You touch on insecurities and anxiety in your project? What is one lesson you hope viewers take away from your story?

I hope viewers take away that, yes, it’s okay that you may struggle with some things that others may view as “insignificant”. There are some issues that I’ve dealt with that I personally have always felt alone in, and I want to bring some of those into light, so people can understand that they aren’t alone, that there are people that understand them, and that there are people out there willing to love them regardless of it.

Thoughts on our platform All Ages of Geek? Anything you would add or change?

From what I’ve seen, I really appreciate the platform. I think All Ages of Geek have a very strong passion for indie creations, and supporting creators. All I could say is that I hope you all will continue to do what you’re doing!

Advice to new creators who want to do what you do?

I wouldn’t advise taking it all alone if you don’t HAVE to. That’s just the way I operate, but there are plenty of benefits in working with a team. I think you should be patient, and spend lots of time working in private before you decide to go public and try to crowdfund and market. I see a lot of projects go straight into that without having built any sort of following, and not having anything to show. Be patient and work hard so your work gets the recognition it deserves!

Where can folks support your work?

The pilot will be released on my YouTube channel! Casting Calls are usually posted on my Twitter! Most importantly, if you want to checkout the website of my series Support HERE!

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