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Parallel World Pharmacy Episode One Review

MinaRose2023 here with a episode review of Parallel World Pharmacy.

In this episode we learn that pharmacist Kanji Yukutani  had a little sister and she died because the medicine didn’t work. He later writes on his wrist but he later dies of a heart stroke after over working so much. He is awakened in the body of a boy that was struck by lightning.

Falma de Medicine is a young boy who with the help of Charlotte Soller learns about his world. He finds out that the mark he has is of a God of medicine in this world and he can use elements by thinking of each element formula however he’s not to say he can preform all these elements but just water H20.

Him having been a pharmacist knows all kinds of elements and chemistry thus he keeps quiet about this. When his teacher Eleanor comes to teach him she finds out about his super powers that are of a god and she screams and leaves him. He can also see like an X ray through one of his eye the affected body part.

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