OC Feature: Narutonarutonaruto85

Today we feature Narutonarutonaruto85 Original Character Lily! We asked everyone on our video to share their original characters. Be sure to message us if you have a story to tell:

“Happy to know how much you love OCs. While I don’t play D&D and didn’t stick with Pathfinder very long, I had come up with a few myself, even commissioning artwork for them. My oldest OC is a sorceress I created for a forum RP, but eventually fleshed out the character and reinvented her a few times. I hadn’t originally put much thought into her background, but my partner and I kept adding more characters to the RP and developing the world to the point where I started writing stories set in that fantasy world. Eventually I even let a friend use my world as a setting for an isekai comic he was making, which included several borrowed OCs who had gotten together to play an off brand D&D game, which sucks them in and turns them into their characters. I had also loaned my sorceress OC as the villain who started the mess in the first place. I hadn’t originally come up with much of an age for my sorceress, just that she looks 30 or so. I hadn’t originally planned on drawing her or anything, so I gave her an overly complicated hairstyle that I had liked at the time. However I later commissioned her picture and then did it several more times. Recently I’ve opted to change her hairstyle so it would be easier on the artiest and easier on me when I color it. I imagine her as lawful evil. While she is a sadistic sociopath she has rules that she follows, both from her religion and personal creed. She won’t attack a guest unprovided and when she gives her word she keeps it. She is also a mad scientist who has spend centuries developing all sort of inventions and magical items, some of which are completely useless or impractical, as she created them just to see if she could. In order to fund her research she became a merchant, trading goods and resources, even introducing new products to an area and over time has gained a lot of influence. I had slowly come up with her family life. She was the daughter of a mid ranked noble, but left the family to pursue her passions and her elder brother took the title. She had discovered a way to keep herself from aging, but in her absence they grew old and died. She would come to regret not keeping in touch with them as even her memories of them faded over time. Eventually she largely cut ties with the descendant of her siblings, having largely nothing to do with the family anymore. In time she built a new family and had a large number of daughters. I’ve recently opted to give her several. While I had given her one ages ago I’ve never gotten around to using, given her age and to give her a better appearance of permanence in a world where nepotism is common, she would have several daughters and even grandchildren. I’m still working on how many and even her youngest is 30. I am afraid I had gotten into my old habits of making up characters without any stories in mind. While I have commissioned several pictures of my OCs, some to go along with stories, I’ve also commissioned some I’ve never used.”

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