NOW I’M MOTIVATED!- Vergil announced for Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition.

[Spoilers for the game. Honestly, why haven’t you played it yet?

We all saw this coming.

If you have ever been a fan of a certain franchise that revolves around killing demons, cheesy one-liners, and loads of pizza there’s only one thing on your mind: “More. I need more power!”

God Tier Logo.

Devil May Cry 5 released March of last year and was considered to be one of the best action games of this generation. It was a return to form after the lackluster fourth installment and the misguided attempted reboot. Dante was back and more stylish than ever. The game allowed players to play as three characters: The Son of Sparda, Dante; The angsty yet charming, Nero; and mysterious newcomer, V. Capcom delivered an action game jam packed with content and replay value that it earned their fans’ trust back– dubbed as Capcom’s “Redemption Arc.”

There was, however, one thing missing: Vergil.

Pineapple on pizza? Foolishness, Dante. Foolishness.

Dante’s power-hungry twin was the big bad at the end of Devil May Cry 5. His big return would prove to be a big step for his character development, finally settling his feud with his brother. And fans dig it. So much so, that they wanted to play as the Son of Sparda in game.

It has become a tradition for every Devil May Cry game to release a Special Edition after some time. Its big selling point tends to always be the same, more content, and playable Vergil. It’s been like this since Vergil made his first appearance in the third installment of the franchise. (I’m not counting Nelo Angelo’s appearance in DMC1). Playable Vergil was almost a guarantee, but some fans have gone ahead and modded playable versions of Vergil into their games months after the game’s release. Some people just can’t wait…

At Sony’s PS5 reveal event held on September 16, Capcom unveiled the long awaited Special Edition of DMC5, with a new Legendary Dark Knight mode difficulty setting and, of course, Vergil as a playable character.

I’m assuming that’s his battle theme… It’s badass!

He looks absolutely amazing in game! He comes complete with all the familiar moves like Spiral Swords, and Judgement Cut. It also seems that he’ll be given his Doppelgänger Stand–er, Style– which summons a clone of himself to maximize damage. It also appears that he can turn into V for a brief time. My guess, it’s his version of Dante’s Sin Devil Trigger.

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition will be released as a launch title for the Playstation 5. Special Edition will also be made available for PS4, Xbox, and PC, at a later date.

I can hardly wait…

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