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On March 18th, fans of the Life is Strange series were treated to the reveal of the new entry into the series: Life is Strange: True Colors. Developed once again by Dontnod Entertainment, Deck Nine, Feral Entertainment, and published by Square Enix, Life is Strange: True Colors follows the story of Alex Chen as she reunites with her brother in the small town of Haven Springs and meets its charming residents. As tragedy strikes, however, it turns out that not everything is as it seems as she looks beneath the surface. Fortunately, Alex has a few hidden tricks up her sleeve. Like the other games in the series, our protagonist has a special ability to help her solve these mysteries. Instead of control over time and telekinesis, however, Alex has what is basically a superpower form of empathy. Basically, she can sense/see what anyone is feeling and each emotion is represented by a colored aura (as the game’s title suggests); she can even reach in and find the connections to said emotions. Unfortunately, there are times where it becomes too overpowering, and she loses control (a big example of this is when she is shown shattering the windows in the game’s trailer). With this power, and a new friend or two by her side, Alex will do whatever it takes to find the truth and may end up uncovering the town’s secrets. Like the previous titles, the game will be a five-chapter episodic adventure, so there will be some crazy cliff-hangers.

Video from the official Life is Strange YouTube channel.

While I’ve never played any of the Life is Strange games, I’m hoping that, by playing True Colors, I won’t be confused by certain scenarios and if any returning characters find their way into the game. What I love so far (from what I’m seeing) are the character designs and the overall look of the environment. This game is simply gorgeous and I can’t wait to get the chance to play it. The only part of the game that I’m nervous about is, from what I’ve heard, certain choices I make will affect what happens in the story and the relationships Alex will have with different characters. I can already tell that there are going to be some painfully difficult decisions that will haunt me for the rest of my life. I’m also excited about what the soundtrack is going to be like since that’s one big part that I pay attention to in any game. For those that are also looking forward to this new game, Life is Strange: True Colors is currently available for pre-order and is scheduled for a September 10th release date. The game will be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox X/S, Xbox One, Steam, and Stadia. Along with the standard edition, there will be a digital-only deluxe and ultimate edition that will contain exclusive content. This content includes an episode called Wavelengths, which focuses on a specific character and the remastered versions of the first Life Is Strange game and Life is Strange: Before the Storm. However, right now the official Life is Strange shows that every version of True Colors will include all of the exclusive content (which is most likely and hopefully just a typo on their part). All-in-all, I can’t wait for this game to come out so that I can experience the story and see which way I, as the player, will make it go.

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  1. I had fun reading this Tracy. I’m not sure if I remember you doing a review of some thing you had not participated in before. As your mom, I am a little concerned that you fear you will be full of guilt for the rest of your life, based on decisions you make playing the game. Ha ha My question is, once you have played and completed this game, or another game, can you begin it again and make different choices So the ending changes each time? Love you lots sweetie

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