My Top Five Dungeons and Dragons YouTubers

Dungeons & Dragons is a game that can have some of the most hilarious, heroic, or heartbreaking stories. For example, here at Allagesofgeek we have Dice Sesh, which is our D&D podcast. Other people have created YouTube channels to share their love of D&D. In no particular order, here are some people who I like to watch.

1.) Dingo Doodles

In her first D&D video, she shares the story of a Campaign, called Fool’s Gold, where the apocalypse almost happens because of karaoke. This sets the mood for the rest of her Fool’s Gold stories. Currently, there are 17 parts and it shows no signs of stopping yet. Her stories are wonderfully drawn, greatly voiced, and has made me feel dread, joy, anger, and more for these characters that are all part of Fool’s Gold. Overall, just an exciting and engaging story to hear.

2.) Brandon Cutler

What happens when professional wrestlers play D&D? You get Critical Botch. It is by far, one of the top D&D Campaigns I have listened to in a while. If you think things will go according to plan, you are wrong. There is chaos, as to be expected, but most of all, it is friends coming together to play D&D and having fun

3.) Zee Bashew

Zee Bashew does a mix of stories and a series called The Animated Spellbook. The Animated Spellbook discusses a spell and a way that it is normally implemented, or in a way that’s outside of the box that is very clever. His stories aren’t just one way. One can make you laugh, however, another one could break your heart. The animation is smooth and has the look of something you would expect in like a book of fairy tales.

4.) XP to Level 3

XP to Level 3 is a great resource for newcomers to D&D. He has guides for all of the classes and they are all entertaining. Also he has skits and shares some D&D stories that are always great to listen to. A personal favorite of mine is the Immovable Rod story.

5.) JoCat

JoCat’s Crap Guide to D&D has made me laugh several times. It teaches what it supposed to teach about each topic, but it also is wonderfully hilarious. With each class JoCat makes great points, while making playful jabs at each trope that the class has.

I know for a fact that there are more D&D YouTubers out there. However, these are my top five. Watch who you want to watch. Like who you want to like. That’s the joy of the D&D side of YouTube. You have a lot of choices to watch and listen too.

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