Explore the Unique Visual Novel: Monochrome Pixels!

If you’re into visual novels, you’ve got to check out “Monochrome Pixels.” Dive into the world of Diana, a senior game designer at Mad Lobster Interactive, who faces off against a tough boss and her own personal challenges every day. The game isn’t just about the drama; it’s visually stunning, too, with a unique art style that really pops.

Diana’s new task? Mentor Enya, the cheerful new hire who’s still got a lot to learn about the game dev world. The mix of Diana’s experience and Enya’s fresh perspective really spices things up, making each decision you make super impactful. Depending on your choices, you can hit one of three different endings, so there’s plenty of replay value.

“Monochrome Pixels” isn’t just a treat for the eyes either. It comes with a cool soundtrack and partial voice acting that brings the characters to life. Plus, the developers threw in some notes about making the game and added accessibility features to make sure everyone can get in on the fun.

So, if you’re looking for a new game to sink a few hours into, “Monochrome Pixels” is worth a look. 


quote from the team: “During a time where the industry is facing mass layoffs and workers are fighting for better conditions, Monochrome Pixels hopes to not only shine a light on the issues devs face, but to give hope to a better future.”

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