Megaland Aliens Review 

Art is something that needs to be shared around the world. The metaverse is opening a new way for creatives to express themselves through their art. NFTs are becoming more and more popular as the days go by with new ideas and designs. Today we are going to chat all about Megaland Aliens.

“The idea of Megaland is inspired by Jungian dream theory and evolved into a fictional story happening in Megaland, the land shared in dreams. Megaland is the universe of extraordinaries and unusual events. People entering Megaland not only experience new events but also experience new bodies. Their appearances are from their life events on earth. New body shapes and abilities are usually alien to new Megalandiers. The question is who is alien; the dreamer or his/her self Megalandier?!””

Coming to the Ethereum Blockchain in February of 2022 Megaland Aliens is going to change the blockchain for the better. Fans of creative portraits will love these amazing NFTs. These NFTs have extremely unique designs and colors that have many different traits. With a total supply is 10,101 Megaland Aliens collectors will benefit from checking out what they have to offer. 

Over on their website supporters can check out their roadmap to see what they have in store for the months to come. For example in pre-sale, there will be 3000 Megaland Aliens available to mint for whitelisted people at a discounted price. They also have some sneak peeks of their art pieces emerging on their social media account as days go by, giving supporters an idea on what they can expect!

Collectors looking to add abstract work to their gallery should consider browsing through their work. Not only will you get to see what you can expect in February you will also be able to learn more about their creative journey and the team behind the work. Be sure to check out all of their links to learn more. Check out Megaland Aliens today!




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