Masked Justice: Kamen Rider Cosplay Feature Part 2

Greetings, geeks of all ages! We find ourselves in a new year, which means more opportunities for us to grow and change. Another year of life to be passionate about the things we love and care for. To that end, I want to start the year by sharing even more Kamen Rider related cosplay. I hope that seeing these incredible cosplay and seeing what is possible inspires you to go out and make your own cosplay. It doesn’t have to be Kamen Rider related, but if it is, please let me know. I might end up featuring you in one of these articles.

The thumbnail is taken from @gomazarashi1110 on Twitter with the following credits:
Zero One: @gomazarashi1110
Vulcan: @kagechamasan
Valkyrie: @riodribe
Is/Izu: @hk_616
Photography: @frari_brari

As I did before, links to the social media accounts of these cosplayers, as well as photographers and prop makers (if credited) will be linked at the end of their respective sections. Also, if you haven’t seen it already, be sure to check out the previous article here.

Break Down

Our first entry here is a Rider from the first season of the Reiwa era, Zero One. This is the Humagear bent on bringing an end to the human race. This is Horobi, one of my favorite Riders in Zero One.

Horobi Cosplay 1
Horobi Cosplay 2

Kamen Rider Horobi: @kiryu410
Photography: @guy_ferd
Attache Arrow prop maker: @nazca02

Sarutobi’s Ninja Tales

Our next entry comes in from the current season, Saber. While the show itself has been, shall we say, less than spectacular, the suit designs are still on point. There is no better example than Kenzan’s suit design. As our resident hyperactive swordsman with zero patience, Kenzan sounds an awful lot like a certain ninja protagonist.

Kenzan Cosplay 1
Kenzan Cosplay 2

Kamen Rider Kenzan: @NanaRein8859
Photography: @nizimophoto


Here we have something of a rarity in Kamen Rider: A female Rider. This is the very first female Rider in Kamen Rider history, Femme. She first appeared in the movie for Ryuki. While her appearance was limited to the movie, she has left a lasting impact on the fandom.

Femme Cosplay 1
Femme Cosplay 2

Kamen Rider Femme: @frari_brari
Photography: @ura_shishimai45

Cobra! Cobra! Evol Cobra!

This here is probably one of my favorite suit designs of all time. Now, for people who are watching Build along with Kat and Tat, you have just seen this Rider pop up. If you’re watching it on your own time, do be warned that this does spoil a major villain from later in the series. Featuring a darker version of the main hero’s color scheme, we have Evol. He truly is, in my opinion, one of the greatest villains in all of Kamen Rider.

Evol Cosplay 1
Evol Cosplay 2

Kamen Rider Evol: @fan_alain

“It’s Show Time!”

This entry features Psyga, a character that comes from the Faiz movie, Paradise Lost. This is another great suit design with another fun character. For some reason or another, he is the only character that speaks in fluent English for his appearance. I’m not sure why they would have him respond to Japanese speaking characters in English, but hey, I’m not going to question these things too much.

Psyga Cosplay 1
Psyga Cosplay 2

Kamen Rider Psyga: @kazenowing
Base Suit & Belt Production: @futureoftgm
Psyga Phone Screen Data Label: @RADAsan_DCD
Project Lead, Armor & Photography: @sht_raito

Rider Time!

Rejoice, for the birth of a new king! Here, we celebrate the great King of Time and Space, Zi-O. The 20th Rider of the Heisei Era and the final one to be introduced before the start of the Reiwa Era. While his season doesn’t really focus on him as much, Zi-O is a fun season overall.

Zi-O Cosplay 1
Zi-O Cosplay 2

Kamen Rider Zi-O: @Kirarman13
Photography: @reiji_cp

Rising Hopper!

Following Zi-O, we have the Rider that comes after him. Reiwa’s own number one, Zero One. Zero One is a fantastic season of Kamen Rider and a great way to start off the Reiwa Era. I highly recommend it as a first season to jump into.

Zero One Cosplay 1
Zero One Cosplay 2

Kamen Rider Zero One: @gomazarashi1110
Photography: @reiji_cp

Conclusion One

Now, let me preface this next entry by saying that this is something of a spoiler for people who are watching Zero One. However, allow me to proffer that, while it is a spoiler seeing the suit design, it doesn’t spoil the plot of the show in any way. It is two very different things seeing the suit and knowing who is in the suit. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at this amazing cosplay of Ark One. This mysterious villain appears to be a dark mirror of Zero One, mocking both his and his grandfather’s dreams by taking on the mantle of Kamen Rider. Who is it beneath the mask, and what in the world could this villain want?

Ark One Cosplay 1
Ark One Cosplay 2

Kamen Rider Ark One: @kurotoabcd
Photography: @guy_ferd

Rider Henshin!

Now, this last one has been featured before, however those were only suit test pictures from when he completed the suit. These pictures uploaded just the other day, so I figured it’d be a nice way to present the update. Here we have the S.I.C. Kamen Rider Ichigo cosplay from the last article. If I didn’t praise the design of the suit enough last time, let me reiterate: this suit looks absolutely incredible as a full-blown suit.

S.I.C. Ichigo Cosplay 1
S.I.C. Ichigo Cosplay 2

Kamen Rider Ichigo (S.I.C. ver.): @ZONLEE9

This wraps up another Kamen Rider cosplay feature. I sincerely hope you enjoyed these cosplayers and that these have inspired you to go make your own. I myself have been looking at these and have been looking into getting started on making my own cosplay. Though, since I’m about to move places, haven’t started anything yet. But, when I do start, I will be sure to let you all know. I’ll write out the details of the process in an article and potential guide at some point in the future. Anyways, take care, hope you enjoyed, and until next time. Ciao~

See you next Rider Time~

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