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Lycoris Recoil Episode 7 Review 

Hello MinaRose2023 here with another Lycoris Recoil Review 

This time Chisato read a message to Mika about a bar. They then got the idea because it was an expensive bar it had to be a date. Chisato, Takina, Kurumi and Mizuki got in a car to follow Mika. 

Majima watched a picture of Chisato and realized she was the one involved in the tower years ago then he went to a police station and shot the police.

Chisato and Takina got dressed and went into the bar to see Mika had a meeting with Shinji. They thought it was a date but as Chisato and Takina left Chisato over heard that Shinji was the one that saved her though he couldn’t admit to that so he left. Mika followed him and we see they had some history together. Mika didn’t shoot him. Mika then said he was sorry to Chisato because he did not tell her. Shinji told Takina he had high hopes for her to rise up to them. Then they were back at the coffee shop having fun with their customers.

I think this episode was fun and definitely had its funny moments and serious stuff it was a good one.

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