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Lycoris Recoil Episode 4 Review

Hello everyone, MinaRose2023 here with another Lycoris Recoil Review.

This episode was all about underwear. Ok not all about underwear but mostly underwear. Chisato helped Takina get new girly underwear. She used to wear boxers and Chisato was not having that. They went shopping together where Chisato bought new clothes for Takina. Afterwards they went to the Aquarium. Chisato told Takina how she was saved by one of those good samaritan men which are all mysterious.  There’s a shooting in the subway and the lycoris girls take care of it. Takina wants to go in but because she’s not in uniform Chisato stops her from going in.

Chisato ends up wearing Takinas boxers and it all becomes a riot with Mizuki thinking she was with a man. 

Overall this episode was light hearted. It was fun to watch the girls have fun and be normal. They even ate sweets which were nice. 

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