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Lycoris Recoil Episode 11 Review

MinaRose2023 here with another Lycoris Recoil Review. 

Takina finds out DA called Chisato but because they lost contact with her and Mika Takina leaves the Lycoris bus and goes LycoReco to find Chisato. Mizuki was having a relaxing drink at first class waiting area when Kurumi says she’s got first class for only her.

Takina gets Chisatos phone but Kusonoki tells her she has to come back for the mission to take Majima down. Kurumi looked into the artificial hearts while she was in first class on the plaine. Kurumi finds a heart for Chisato and gets Mizuki and calls Takina about the heart. Then Takina tells Kurumi about the Chisato not being in the Cafe and that she left her phone. Kurumi looks into it and tells Takina to look at the phone. She tells Takina that Chisato is going to the old tower. Takina let’s the other Lycoris girls from her team that she’s leaving to help Chisato. Fuki tells Takina if she drops from this she will never get into DA anymore. Takina leaves to the old tower to help Chisato. 

Majimas plan to expose the Lycoris Girls and DA works since that’s the reason they went to the new tower. Robota attacking DA headquarters computer he helps Majima show the Lycoris DA girls shooting the bad guys in the new tower.

Chisato goes in to the old tower. Guys with guns wait for her and she shoots them with rubber bullets. Chisato finds Mr. Joshua (Sinji) and Majima traps Chisato. She free Sinji and Majima and her shoot each other when Takika comes rushing in to help Chisato. 

This episode was good to see Takiba choose to help Chisato over DA. It showed how close they’ve gotten and that Takiba truly cares about Chisato.  Same with Kurumi with finding another heart for Chisato. 

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