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Lycoris Recoil Episode 1 Review

by: MinaRose2023

Hey everyone MinaRose2023 here with a small review of Lycoris Recoil Episode 1.

Lycoris Recoil is about young girls keeping the crime rates in Japan low or even none existent.  We got Inoue, Takina, who shoots all the bad guys trying to save another Lycoris girl who’s been taken hostage. She then is demoted to go work with another Lycoris Nishikigi, Chitaso at a cafe establishment run by Mika and also supervised by Nakahara, Mizuki.

Takina has long black hair and purple eyes. While Chitaso has short blonde hair and red eyes. They are polar opposite when it comes to personality with Chitaso being the hyper positive personality one and Takina being more serious and thinking about the mission ready for action.

They go around on their first mission to visit an orphanage, a language school and a Yukata business. 

Takina is confused by this and asks Chitaso about it. Chitaso simply says it is to help others. They go to a police station where they get to help a young woman who’s being stalked. They help her out by sniping the bad guys and then they go back to the coffee shop to work there as hostess.

This is a good interesting anime which I think many would enjoy. Till next time for Episode 2!

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