Kiriko Yumeji and The One and Only Power

If you’ve noticed, recently All Ages of Geek has been loving what Trophee Manga NFT Marketplace has been working on. Don’t know what this amazing venture is? Well look no further! We recently told you all about Manga NFTs, right HERE. We also reviewed an amazing and unique NFT from none other than Yuji Kaida himself with his Sword of the fierce god

Up next for our review is The One and Only Power by Kiriko Yumeji. But who is Kiriko Yumeji? A well known mangaka and illustrator Yumeji is known for works such as Chevalier ~ Le Chevalier D’Eon ~ (Kodansha), Sangokushi Taisen (Sega) and Sengoku Taisen (Sega). She also participates in many exhibitions to showcase her work around the world. Some include even well known museums such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum!

Drawn at the Master class for the “2D vs KATANA” exhibition at the Iwakuni Art Museum in 2018, this unique NFT showcases Yumeji’s beautiful art style in a breathtaking appeal. It portrays a woman in a layered elegant dress wielding a decorative yet bold sword. 

The wielder’s green hair compliments the purple almost royal tones in the dress. Not only does her hair and dress pair perfectly, but her sword has such lavish details that brings the viewer to a much more refined world. This elegant piece is a perfect addition for NFT collectors with distinguished taste. The One and Only Power is 2500 USDT.

Like most artists now-a-days, Yumeji has an online following! Her work can even be spotted in Youtube channels such as “We are the protagonists!” (主役は我々だ!) and “Science solves everything! By Kurare and Pharmacological Murder Room” (科学はすべてを解決する! [くられ with 薬理凶室]). So next time you find some of Yumeji’s art, be sure to think of her NFTs too! And if you’re a collector with a lot of taste for elegance and grace, The One and Only Power is perfect for you. 

Learn more HERE from Trophee Manga NFT Marketplace!

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