Kid Talent Interview with LifeMations | Galaxy-Boy Delivery

There are a lot of kids who have talent all around the world from writers, to illustrators and animators, and “Galaxy-Boy Delivery” is set to interview them (of course with parent/guardian permission). “Galaxy-Boy Delivery” is All Ages of Geek’s kids cartoon that will feature authors, illustrators and talents from around the world. Today we feature the talented LifeMations, an animator who will be on the rise with Jaiden Animations one day!

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What inspires you?

A lot of other amazing animations and animators such as Kitty Channel Afnan etc. 

Who is part of your support team?

My friends and family and my grandma!????

Favorite shows? Books? Animations?

I like Animation Memes and one of my fav shows are Card Captor Sakura and Steven Universe.

How long have you been creating?

2 years doing online animations and being in love in creative art since I’m a toddler

List 3 of your biggest inspirations!

My list 3 of my biggest inspirations are these animators: Kitty channel Afnan, Jaiden Animations, and Ball Ad.

What is your favorite piece you’ve created?

My fav piece I’ve created is my animation called “my bread was burnt to a crisp” an animation I made. 

What do you like about All Ages of Geek? Anything we can do to help support more creators?

It’s so cool how you have series on there! It’s a big place for creators!

Name 3 creators you think we should interview next!

I’m not sure, maybe the ones that inspired me 🙂

Where can people find your work online?

You can find my work on or Pinterest same name LifeMations.

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