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We decided interviewed Kamen Rider fans from the discord server ????oei x ????suburaya all about their experience with Kamen Rider! Today our interview was with Red A member of the discord server and a fellow Kamen Rider fan.

1. When did you first get introduced to Kamen Rider? Which series did you start with?

My introduction to Kamen Rider is weird to say the least. When I was around 6 or 7, I watched Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, the American adaptation of Ryuki. I loved watching the series then and wanted to watch more. Years later, I researched about Kamen Rider and discovered it was originally an ongoing Japanese show. The first Japanese Kamen Rider show I watched was “Kamen Rider Wizard” since I am a massive fantasy nerd.

2. What is your favorite part about Kamen Rider stories?

I’m a person who is extremely intrigued with antagonists. Some antagonists can be lackluster and boring, and there are those that are fun to watch. Although the quality of antagonists can vary from each series, they always end up having some sort of impact to the story at large. Overall, watching antagonists and how they impact the plot is my favorite part of Kamen Rider, and stories in general. And most importantly, how they get defeated in the end. My favorite antagonist being Evolto from Kamen Rider Build, Heart from Kamen Rider Drive, and Kaito Kumon from Kamen Rider Gaim.

3. If you could be one character from Kamen Rider who would it be and why?

Eiji Hino definitely! His positive approach to life and strong will is something to admire.

4. What would you tell someone who isn’t sure if they want to start Kamen Rider? How would you convince them to watch?

Each series has its own unique style to it. That being said, I would recommend a series that best its their personal taste. Whether that be a slow slice of like like Kamen Rider Faiz or a detective story like Kamen rider W.

5. How has your experience with the fandom been? Positive? Negative? What is your favorite part?

Frankly, my experience with the fandom is only limited to the discord server I am currently in(The only Kamen rider related one). Although seeing what it is like beyond said discord server, I opted not to delve my toes into those waters. So basically, my only real experience is with the discord server, which is extremely positive! It has a lot of nice people and I made so many great friends there. I love the varying discussions of the shows we watch and the media we consume.

6. Which series is your favorite and why?

My favorite will always change from time to time, but my current favorite is Kamen Rider Kiva. It has everything I want: a relatable and likeable protagonist, compelling fight scenes, eye-candy suit designs, beautiful(but sometimes repetitive) music, and fun characters. That and it has a gothic horror feel to it, which I am always down for. Overall it hits all the right notes for me, that I can’t help but love it.

7. How has Kamen Rider impact your life?

Through Kamen Rider, I was able to meet so many of my amazing friends that I wouldn’t want to lose in a heartbeat. The creativity found in Kamen Rider has inspired me in my writing. I wouldn’t say Kamen Rider has impacted me in a big way, but it definitely left behind something. Although the series can have its dark moments, like Amazons or Early-Heisei shows, it leaves behind this feeling of hope. An enjoyable ride in a confusing and often callous world.

8. And Finally! What is your all time favorite fight scene from Kamen Rider!

Now this is a tough question. My favorite fight is a tie between two and I can’t decide which one. Wataru and Taiga versus King is an excellent fight, despite King being a mediocre villain. It signifies the unification of two opposing brothers, finally making peace. A meaningful fight that concludes what was started 22 years ago. On the other hand, it is Kouta vs Kaito(final fight) in Kamen Rider Gaim. This battle is like two powerful warlords clashing with one another, which is fitting for the series. In fact, this final battle felt like a war. It is a battle of clashing ideals and a rivalry spanning the entire series. The entire series felt like it was leading up to this moment and it did not disappoint. Both fights are different and great in their own right, and I can’t put one above the other and say they are my favorite.

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