Interview With RogueUzu – Storyteller, Artist, Avid Dungeons and Dragons Player

For those who may not know you, who are you and what do you do?

My name is Kelsey Baritell, also known as RogueUzu on Twitter and Youtube. I’m an artist, a webcomic creator, a storyteller and a D&D streamer!

What is your webcomic all about and where can people find it?

My webcomic is called Nexus Underground, it’s an urban fantasy with action and drama! It’s about people who develop powers at a young age and become soul bound to someone in the world. Through their connections they find comfort and support; however, they also find hardships as they face horrific hidden secrets.
It’s free to read on my own website!

How did you get into D&D?

I got into D&D through a friend inviting me into a game about 4 years ago. Before, I only played World of Darkness, so I knew nothing about D&D. But I was interested because I wanted to play with my friends and I was curious to try a new tabletop system! It’s where I made my first character (or, as I like to call them, my DnDaughter ) Noella! And I instantly fell in love with her and the game. It’s so much fun to play and has so many varieties in character creation! Now I can’t stop playing it and have about 5 different games I’m currently apart of!

Why do you think you enjoy D&D so much?

I think I enjoy D&D because it’s almost like a videogame that you have more control over. You get to fully customize a character and then make the decisions you want to make. You don’t get stuck by the limits of a digital code. You get to enjoy a story with all of your friends too! You get to joke around, be dorks, and then you also get to be a badass as you fight monsters! Every person’s experience is different. Even if people play by a module, the game will always be different. It’s not something you can just listen to a gameplay of and know how it’ll go detail by detail. It’ll still be so different when you play it yourself, and I love that!

What advice would you give someone who wants to get into TTRPGs?

First, definitely think about what kind of TTRPG you want to get into. Because there are all kinds of TTRPGs out there! D&D is great for fantasy, World of Darkness is great for modern urban fantasy. There are systems out there great for Sci-Fi too! Even movies have systems; like Aliens, Star Wars and Ghostbusters. So there might even be a system for your favorite movie! Once you’ve figured out the type of game you’d like to play, talk with some of your closest friends and ask if they’d like to join! Or, if you’d like to branch out, you can also find groups that are searching for members on Roll20! Just remember to be respectful, set limits for yourself and know the limits of others, and have fun!

RougeUzu’s Twitter

Nexus Underground’s Website

RougeUzu’s YouTube

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