Indie Game Studio Feature: DpulGaming!

All Ages of Geek is always looking to support Indie Game creators and studios. Today we are
going to chat all about DpulGaming, who they are, and their amazing games! DpulGaming is a
perfect studio to check out if you are on the lookout for amazing games for your mobile phone.

“DpulGaming is a start-up mobile game development company founded in Austria. Our mission is to develop and launch interesting and addictive games that will entertain people from all around the world. Our vision is to become one of the top mobile game developing companies domestically & globally. Since the beginning of DpulGaming, we have developed some exciting android games and the response is outstanding so far, our plan is to keep it going and keep on developing. There are more than 800K games in the App Store, we’re here to try to do the best ones!”

With the mission to be the best game developers out there for mobile apps DpulGaming truly
puts love and passion into each app they create. One standing out from the crowd is their game Fast Highway Car RTX. This game’s graphics and gameplay showcase exactly what DpulGaming is really about. Now with over fifteen games, DpulGaming adds love to each game they create, all with different concepts and designs.

DpulGaming is unique compared to most studios due to the fact that they have created so many
different games. They are also extremely active on social media making it easy for fans to
interact with the creators! Maybe if you have an idea on what you want DpulGaming to create
you can message them on social media!

DpulGaming even has their own Discord Server where you can stay updated with everything
they have going on. DpulGaming is always updating their current games to make sure they are
the best they can be. If you love supporting Indie Game studios be sure to check out all their
links and perhaps download one of their amazing games.

All Ages of Geek will be reviewing each game and showcasing details about the game through
articles. Be sure to stay updated on DpulGaming by checking out our articles, following them on
social media, joining their server and downloading their amazing apps. Make their dream come
true and support them today!

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