Indie Game Feature: Wakanda Fight Prehistoric

Hey app lovers looking for a new app to add to your phone? Check out Wakanda Fight –
Prehistoric! Fans of Mario Bros on the NES will love this classic game. Not only does it
bring back the feeling of nostalgia but it also has great graphics. What is Wakanda Fight Prehistoric all about?

“Are you ready to go back to the stone age? This game sends you into a prehistoric
world full of adventure and danger! Fight the caveman, sharks, spiders, spiky turtles and
many other monsters. With the right strategy you will defeat all your enemies in the

This free to play game has amazing features such as phone and tablet support, beautiful graphics, great sound effects and music, and easy to learn controls! Gameplay includes destroyable bricks, blocks, and platforms, three main worlds, and the ability to swim, jump, run, ride dinosaurs, and defeat super bosses! This game is currently new and will include new worlds for gamers to play and look forward to!

Wakanda Fight – Prehistoric is truly a must download game for any type of gamer new
or experienced. Not only will it be perfect to play on your day off, you can also compete
with your friends and family to see who has the highest score! Download Wakanda Figh Prehistoric today! You will not regret it!

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