Indie Game Feature: Fighter Jade

Looking for a new app to download? Look no further! Fighter Jade is the perfect app for you.
This incredibly designed app is great for anyone looking to play an adventure game. Before we
begin chatting about the features, be sure to check them out on Google Play. Now let’s talk
about what this app has to offer!

“The Princess is in trouble, and you need to help her. There’s only one thing you need: the
power of jiujutsu to do that in this ninja jungle adventure game! Experience the thrill of being a
ninja in this 2D action-adventure game and slay your enemies with your skill. You’ll need to use
all your cunning and wits to survive an adventure full of deadly traps and powerful enemies to
complete your mission in this exciting game!”

Fans of Naruto and Mario Bros will love this game. Not only do you get to play as a ninja like the
legendary Naruto, you also get to save a princess just like gaming idol Mario! Fighter Jade has
amazing features every gamer will appreciate.
Features include:

-No age restriction
-A great way of time pass
-Free to download and play
-Completely offline game
-Beautiful graphics and sound
-Low power and memory consumption
-User-friendly interface
-Easy to play, hard to master it

This 2D action game is great for passing time. The great part is if you do not need wifi to play
this game. So if you ever experience a power outage or lose wifi connection you can continue
your journey as a ninja and save the princess! This game has incredible designs and easy to
use features making it user friendly. You do not need to be an expert gamer to enjoy Fighter

If you are interested in learning more about this game be sure to check out their link over on
Google Play. There you will be able to check out some screenshots from the game, read the
description, and download it to play it on your own! Check it out today! You will not regret it!


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