The image features a diverse cast of characters from "I Married a Monster on a Hill" Pack One, showcasing a range of unique personalities and styles. Each character has distinct features and expressions, dressed in various outfits that highlight their individuality. The arrangement is set against a soft gradient background, with the "All Ages of Geek" logo displayed in the bottom right corner. This illustration captures the vibrant and varied group that players will meet in the visual novel game.

I Married a Monster on a Hill: Pack One Complete!

We’re excited to announce that Pack One for “I Married a Monster on a Hill” is now complete! These characters will be the first ones you can play in the visual novel. Each one has a unique story and routes in the game!

Pack Two will come out after the game’s initial release and once we’ve secured the necessary funding. This will bring new characters and fresh content, keeping the game exciting for a long time.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get ready to launch “I Married a Monster on a Hill”!

I Married a Monster on a Hill

Get ready to dive into the heartwarming Boys Love world of “I Married a Monster on a Hill”. Explore the intricate dynamics of Boys Love, Girls Love and several married couples. With a heartfelt emphasis on friendship, love, and drama, this engaging experience delves into the multifaceted nature of marriage. Follow six main couples and the chaotic but charming cast of modern life. Tune in, because love is about to get a little monstrous! All Visual Novel art by Bumble!

I Married a Monster on a Hill Main Cast

In "I Married a Monster on a Hill," twelve unique characters stand together, each with a distinct look and personality. The group includes a relaxed character with long brown hair and a blue shirt, an edgy individual with tattoos and a leather jacket, and an ethereal figure with long white hair and flowing robes. A stern character in a red robe, a practical person in a green vest, and a friendly blonde holding a plant add variety. The group also features a sophisticated blonde in business casual attire, an energetic character in a purple jacket, an intellectual with glasses, a professional with long green hair, a determined individual in orange and brown, and a tall, muscular figure in a blue suit. These characters bring a wide range of styles and traits to the story.

The main story of “I Married a Monster on a Hill” revolves around the lives of our 12 main characters  Bevvy, August, John, Thomas, Scarlett, Alliard, Hugh, Malcolm, Damien, Wagner, Teressa, and Jackie as they navigate the ups and downs of daily life. While the story may touch on important and sometimes dark subjects, it always aims to provide resources and support for the reader. This slice-of-life journey promises to take you on a rollercoaster of emotions while highlighting the beauty and resilience of the human spirit. 

I Married a Monster on a Hill Jack Talk Cast

Jack Talk is truth talk! Today’s news, tomorrow’s headliners. Join hosts Jackie and Wagner on their search for truth around the rambunctious, small town of Willowgrove Hills. The truth is always lurking, and now it’s revealed. An “I Married a Monster on a Hill” side story.

I Married a Monster on a Hill Main Pack One

“I Married a Monster on a Hill” features 42 characters in Pack One. This initial pack includes 20 couples and 2 non-romanceable characters.


Bevvy is a big man with lots of love and joy in his heart. He always tells dad jokes and is lawful good. He is August’s knight and partner and is always laughing! READ HIS INTRO HERE. Bevvy is portrayed by Oliver Smith in the dub & visual novel.

The image shows a character from "I Married a Monster on a Hill." He is a tall, muscular man with short, dark hair and a neatly trimmed beard. He has light skin and green eyes. He is wearing a maroon cardigan over a white dress shirt, which is unbuttoned at the top, revealing a pendant necklace with a blue stone. He also wears dark blue pants and black boots. The character has a calm and approachable expression, with one hand relaxed at his side and the other partially visible, tucked into his pocket.


August is an elegant person with lots of things to say. They have a HUGE heart but often get into trouble. August is very flirty and always looking for ways to get attention from Bevvy. READ THEIR INTRO HERE. August is portrayed by Aidan Mecchi in the dub & visual novel.


John is a chaotic, high-energy man who loves his family and friends. He is very needy and needs acknowledgment all the time, can get sensitive and jealous fast, but is overall a nice guy. READ HIS INTRO HERE. John is portrayed by Max Herzfeld in the dub & visual novel!


Thomas is a very serious, uptight man who keeps to himself. He is very traditional and loves his culture, especially when sharing traditions with his family.  He takes joy in small things such as studying, feeding his pet fish, and eating strawberries. READ HIS INTRO HERE. Thomas is portrayed by Nick Chang in the dub & visual novel!


Scarlett can get emotional over petty issues at times, but is a very dominant and headstrong woman. She is a caretaker at heart and does anything for her friends! READ HER INTRO HERE! Scarlett is portrayed by Tiger Sexton in the dub and visual novel!


Alliard is an extremely arrogant man who is always causing trouble for his friends. He tends to take jokes too far and always ends up hurting someone’s feelings. Alliard truly has no filter and always speaks up about his opinions. Loudly. He is very caring when his family and friends really need him.​ READ HIS INTRO HERE. Alliard is portrayed by James Takahashi in the dub & visual novel!


He loves nature, spending time with Malcolm and writing songs about his adoration and love. Hugh is very childish at heart! READ HIS INTRO HERE! Hugh is portrayed by Logan Fletcher in the dub & visual novel!


Meet Malcolm! Despite going through a lot of struggles in life, Malcolm has dedicated his life to working to his husband Hugh. READ HIS INTRO HERE. Malcolm is portrayed by John Serrano in the dub & visual novel!


Damien is a very protective, petty, and loving man. He is very dedicated to his husband Wagner and does anything to make sure he is safe! READ HIS INTRO HERE. Damien is portrayed by Shaun Mendum in the dub & visual novel!


Wagner is a host at Jack Talk. He is a very dedicated traditionalist who loves his family and friends. He is often getting into trouble but has a good heart! READ HIS INTRO HERE. Wagner is portrayed by Luca Xavier in the dub & visual novel!


Meet Teressa our lawyer of the group who spends most of her time bailing out her husband Jackie from his troublesome news career. She is very flirty and charming! READ HER INTRO HERE. Teressa is portrayed by Jenna Oliver in the dub and visual novel!


Jackie our controversial talk show host at Jack Talk. While he does get into trouble a ton he actually does have a big heart. READ HIS INTRO HERE. Jackie is portrayed by Joey Sourlis in the dub & visual novel!


Conrad is a sweet man who is always looking to help others. He loves his partner Nate dearly and will do anything to protect him. READ HIS INTRO HERE. Conrad is portrayed by Mike Castoro in the dub & visual novel!


Nate is a very chaotic character! They have an adorable relationship with their husband Conrad, clubbing friends and also their dynamic friendship with Reginald. READ THEIR INTRO HERE! Nate is portrayed by Dan Pyxel in the dub & visual novel!

Mayor Reginald

Reginald is a chaotic artist who is always getting hurt. He gets jealous fast, doesn’t like change, but loves his family. He’s married to Amy and is always involved in drama! READ HIS INTRO HERE. Reginald is portrayed by Kiran Kumar in the dub & visual novel!


Amy is ex-military who now owns a furniture store. She is very strong, has a short temper, serious, and gets embarrassed easily but hides it. She is married to Reginald who gets on her nerves. READ HER INTRO HERE. Amy is portrayed by Diana Helen Kennedy in the dub & visual novel!


Prescott is a very charming and fun man! He loves his friends and family and works as an assistant at Jack Talk! Character Intro coming soon. Prescott is portrayed by Jeremy Hallam in the dub and visual novel!


Wendee is a host at Jack Talk with LOTS of personality and a very protective sister to Wagner! Character intro coming soon. Wendee is portrayed by Eliza Andrews in the dub & visual novel!


Claris is a celebrity Chef who is very angry and passionate about her job! Character intro coming soon. Claris is portrayed by Melissa Bowens in the dub and visual novel!


Josef is a host at Jack Talk. He is very socially awkward but kindhearted. He is the more reserved host at Jack Talk. Character Intro coming soon. Josef is portrayed by Junta Hoshino in the dub & visual novel!


Issac is serious at work and loves spending time with his friends and family. Issac has a crow pet named Crowleon who is always with him. Issac tends to be quiet but is always there when others are in need! READ HIS INTRO HERE. Issac is portrayed by Darren Y. in the dub & visual novel!


Fuyuki loves donuts, church and spending time with his best friend August and husband Issac. He’s a big softie who always tries his best to make others happy. READ HIS INTRO HERE. Fuyuki is portrayed by Jake in the dub & visual novel!


Bea is a chaotic, hyperactive, and pushy person who is always snooping and getting in trouble. She is very protective of her friends’ relationships and often puts her nose into other people’s business! READ HER INTRO HERE. Bea is portrayed by Allanah Fitzgerald in the dub and visual novel!


Ken is a kind guard who is usually lawful good. He often has spurts of anger when people act up. READ HIS INTRO HERE. Ken is portrayed by Danny Spiller in the dub and visual novel!


Leotie is a fiery troublemaker who always speaks her mind. She is very dedicated and protective of her wife Iris, loves drinking lemonade and cares deeply for her group of friends. READ HER INTRO HERE. Leotie is portrayed by Jenna Oliver in the dub and visual novel!


Iris loves cute things, flowers, going on adventures, and being with her friends. She is very impulsive, hyperactive, and somehow always gets herself into trouble. READ HER INTRO HERE. Iris is portrayed by Angie Min in the dub & visual novel! Angie is also the voice of our mascot Kasai!


Alexander is an ex-criminal gone good guy! He’s a guy with the information you need if you have a problem or if you just want to hang out and watch TV. READ HIS INTRO HERE. Alexander is portrayed by Patrick Hurt in the dub & visual novel!


Christopher is a big time business man who is an instigator. He’s married to Alexander who used to be his partner in crime for their ex-villain shenanigans. READ HIS INTRO HERE. Christopher is portrayed by SilkySmoothVA in the dub & visual novel!


Opal is a caretaker, board loving all around busy girl who is always doing something around Willowgrove Hills with her chaotic partner Oscar. READ HER INTRO. Opal is portrayed by Betty Zequeira in the dub & visual novel!


Oscar is the chaotic assistant to Mayor Reginald around Willowgrove Hills! You can find him in the dump, doing slam poetry, or with his girl Opal! READ HIS INTRO HERE. Oscar is portrayed by Alex Bui in the dub & visual novel!


Kay is an ex-athlete turned yoga instructor and protective wife. She’s someone to count on, but just don’t make her mad or jealous, cause she will throw her fists at you. READ HER INTRO HERE. Kay is portrayed by Shakyra Dunn in the dub & visual novel!


Lover of flowers, classical music, tea and Gothic fashion, Desiree is a kindhearted sweetheart. She finds pleasure in the simple parts of life! READ HER INTRO HERE. Desiree is portrayed by Lu Ka-Yun Dawkins in the dub and visual novel!


Ericka is a serious, kind, loving traditionalist who cares deaply for her family and job. READ HER INTRO HERE. Ericka is portrayed by Feodora Susilo in the dub and visual novel!


Mi is a very passionate artist focusing on Gothic Noir art and graffiti. She often complains a lot and can get obsessive over the well-being of her wife but she is a very kind person. READ HER INTRO HERE. Mi is portrayed by Tiffany Olszower in the dub & visual novel!


Logan is a writer who enjoys all things anime and Dungeons and Dragons related. Logan gets very nervous when it comes to deadlines but knows he is a great writer. READ HIS INTRO HERE. Logan is portrayed by Aleph Sharp in the dub & visual novel!


Nadine is a chef who loves spending time with her family. She is very calm most of the time until someone insults her cooking or makes her feel weak. READ HER INTRO HERE. Nadine is portrayed by Gillian Lange in the dub & visual novel.


Drake is a naturalist who would rather be alone in the mountains than doing anything else. He can be jealous, but loyal, & also very kind when need-be. He’s a bodyguard for Thomas, working alongside Ken. READ HIS INTRO HERE. Drake is portrayed by Troy Kramm in the dub & visual novel!


Chappy is a famous tattoo artist who goes with the flow of things and is very hyperactive. She is kind, artistic, and sometimes has a short temper. She loves nature, peace, and spending time with her family. READ HER INTRO HERE. Chappy is portrayed by Marisa U. in the dub & visual novel!


Clyde is an ex-accountant with a dark past. He’s a charming guy and someone who has to put up with Reginald’s antics on a daily basis. READ HIS INTRO HERE. Clyde is portrayed by StefonTV1 in the dub & visual novel!


Despite being nervous at times, Patty is very sweet and caring when it comes to her friends and family. She is married to Clyde who she helps overcome his money and gambling struggles. READ HER INTRO HERE. Patty is portrayed by SJ Harris in the dub & visual novel!


Abby is a hermit who has become a doctor and dropper of knowledge for our cast. She lives up in the hills where she helps provide advice and care to those she trusts. READ HER INTRO HERE. Abby is portrayed by Clover Wren in the dub & visual novel!


As an ex-villain, Grev is on the path of redemption, using his mind to now help the world. He’s mousy, nervous and can be found avoiding any and all trouble. He considers John his son, but avoids his more adventurous hobbies. READ HIS INTRO HERE. Grev is portrayed by DemonofEmpireYT in the dub & visual novel!

Stay tuned for more updates and new character packs that will expand the world of “I Married a Monster on a Hill.” Thank you for joining us on this journey. We can’t wait for you to meet all the characters in Pack One. Stay updated with everything HERE

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