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I asked RWBY Fans how RWBY Changed Their Lives

On the RWBY SubReddit, I decided to ask RWBY fans how RWBY changed their lives for a personal project to spread awareness about the positive aspects of the series. From meeting new friends to learning how to speak English, RWBY has left a very positive impact on people’s lives. Despite their differences and likes/dislikes about the series, one thing is for certain the series has drastically left an impact.

RWBY and Creativity

RWBY has significantly helped creators express their love of fanfiction, animation, and all forms of art. How has the series helped you creatively? For us, we have created several RWBY videos from reactions to theories and more.

In the post above you see others in the RWBY SubReddit supporting each other’s work such as reading mini-fics from user JMHSrowing. Supporting other artists is what All Ages of Geek is passionate about and something we truly appreciate others doing for one another in fandoms.

In this post from writer IAmMenace, they have shown us how RWBY has even gotten them closer to God and learned why encouragement is important to writing or rewriting a story.

RWBY also helps others learn to become not just better writers, but better storytellers. The series allows people like TheMaster4444 to overcome some writing habits like “grimdark, over angsty self-indulgences” (who hasn’t written angsty fanfics, be honest) and keep creating new stories with improvements.

RWBY and Friendships

According to these RWBY SubReddit users RWBY has allowed them to connect with others all around the world and even learn different languages. How cool is that?

And most importantly…

You have to admit RWBY let us all get a little obsessed with Neo!

How has RWBY changed your life? Be sure to check out all the answers on the RWBY SubReddit here!

And be sure to check out our reactions and coverage on all things RWBY on one of our segments on our YouTube Channel!

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